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post DOH 257 – Happy New Year

January 1st, 2014, 1:54 pm

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The Sharks have gone 3-1 since the last podcast, but the Dudes are somehow glass-half-full about it, since they coughed up third period leads to Colorado and Phoenix, and got crushed in Anaheim.  But they still have the 5th best record in the NHL, and hope springs eternal in the new year.


3 Comments to “DOH 257 – Happy New Year”

  1. hateseed says:

    Tyler Kennedy has been the least effective Shark (perhaps just slightly better than McCarthy) since he dropped off the second line early in the season. When he was on the second line, he was their “go-to” guy to lose the puck on the blue line, or, shoot the puck into the tenders chest to lose possession.

    I was high hopes for him early in the season, now I might want to trade him more than Havlat, and Havlat isn’t even in the line-up. Could we reasonably trade him + something for someone at the same level but who actually accomplishing anything at all while on the ice? The argument is that he “just didn’t fit” with the Sharks…

  2. Ruben says:

    Great podcast dudes, looking forward to another great year listening in!

  3. Neil says:


    Yes, it seems like we’ve been spoiled with near excellence since Jumbo arrived in San Jose. Wanting more sounds selfish, but until Lord Stanley’s Hardware is inscribed with SJSharks on it, no fan will ever be satisfied.

    Some points:
    1. History has shown that DW rarely/never gives up on a player and has patience in great abundance. Think Havlat & Demers – Havlat was supposed to have been traded/bought out/been fitted for a bra and panties, yet started to find his game before his paper mache body broke down again. Demers fumbled for two seasons, practically lived in the press box, then finally found his game again and has been getting stronger every night. They will get Tyler Kennedy going again at some point once they figure out his buttons- Kennedy’s feet are too fast for his brain.

    2. This veteran-based team has leaders who pick the games they want to play hard in (Chicago last night), which affects all the other players, and the coaches cannot provoke them to do otherwise. That is the source of many fans’ irritation, including mine. At the same time, how can we expect them to get jazzed up for all of the 82 games, including teams like Phoenix and Colorado?

    3. DW cleverly ridded us of lovable has-beens in Murray and Clowe and got value back. He is always 5 steps ahead of us, even if we aren’t willing to see it. I’m not sure I like DW, but I do believe that he continues to learn the job and won’t make the same mistakes he made in the past for expensive rentals at the deadline.

    4. Unless Brad Stuart is injured, he appears to have lost his game. He never has caught up after missing training camp. From a solid year last year to this is tough. Should they keep him, sit him for Hannan, or trade him (Limited Trade Clause)?

    5. Wingels was playing the most effective hockey of his career before getting hurt. Consistently very good every night. Like the Junior edition of Raffi Torres, ya think?

    6. Boyle’s game was noticeably fuzzy before the injury. He looked awful coming back, and is slowly getting better, but is definitely a letter grade lower than last year. Is he worth signing, and for how much?

    7. It would seem that the Woo’s cupboards are devoid of talent. What will DW do to restock? Can’t trade marquee players (nor would want to). Sharks suffer low draft picks because they are always a top team? Can’t expect them to find gems like Pavelski and Braun in the lower rounds. What will the Sharks look like in 2 years? In 5 years?

    Thanks for the excellence! It’s great to hear you guys having fun doing the show.


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