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post DOH 265 – East Coast Sweep

March 17th, 2014, 10:01 pm

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The Sharks continue their winning ways, beating the Blue Jackets, Islanders, and Rangers on the road, with outstanding goaltending performances.  The Sharks have completely eliminated the gap between them and the Ducks, can they keep the streak going?


3 Comments to “DOH 265 – East Coast Sweep”

  1. Tony Prete says:

    Love the podcast guys. This is your Avs fan here. About the Avs, we’ll beat Chicago in the first round! We have their number. Good goaltending, great coaching, a year or two away (can’t beat St. Louis yet). Stastny might be gone, but I think he’s retained, gotta keep the core and chemistry together. Watch out for the Avs. SJ-Col in the conference finals in 2015!

  2. Kent Bunn says:

    You guys really think that the league would diligently crack down on a team like the Sharks leaving someone on LTIR, to avoid the cap implications?

    Seriously? Have you heard of Chris Pronger? Have you noticed that he’s on LTIR still, and there’s absoultely no expectation of him ever returning. Really the only reason he’s not retired, is that it would kill the Flyers thanks to his cap hit coming back.

    Yeah, clearly they are firm on circumvention.

  3. Emily Hall says:

    Matt D’Agostini. 2008 the Sharks record frm 2/21/08 – 4/6/08 was 18-2-1OT-1SO w/ the 2 losses in the last 2 games of the season v. LA & DAL. The Sharks had a 7 gm 1st rd w/ CAL & lost 2nd rd to the Stars in 6 gms, the last game being a 4OT battle in which the game was decided by a PP goal. Soupy took a BAD penalty half way thru 4OT. In case you forgot here’s a link to it to refresh your memory: First 1:50 of video WARNING: Really bad acting is involved.

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