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post DOH 366 – Expansion Draft Preview

June 15th, 2017, 10:06 pm

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The expansion draft is next week- who will the Vegas Golden Knights take from the Sharks?


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  1. James says:

    The WaPo mock draft has the local beat reporters’ input. So it’s not “The Washing Post thinks …” It’s “Kevin Kurz thinks … ”

    The Sharks top-4 D is the strength of their team. If they lose any of those players FOR NOTHING that would be a disaster. DW should protect 8 players. The idea that any of those players you mentioned – Ward, Boedker, Karlsson, etc. – is more important than Martin is laughable. Heck, it would be bad enough to lose Dillon for nothing, but that’s the nature of an Expansion Draft. But a top-4 D from one of the best defenses in the NHL? Not acceptable.

  2. Frederick says:

    So confused by DW’s protected list. Was there ever any fear that VGK would take Hansen, Carpenter, or Karlsson? Nope. No need to protect them at all.

    • James says:

      Here’s hoping DW plans to use one of the picks from the recent Mueller deal to force the Knights to pick Boedker.

      • Frederick says:

        I would have protected 4 D, but my 4th would have been Dillon. Force the Knights to pick between a bad contract for Boedker, or a bad contract for Martin, or an expendable forward.

  3. S. Thomson says:

    The lists around the league pretty much ended up being how you would expect it teams are always going to protect as many players as they possibly can unless they are in a very unique situation. I have a feeling the sharks lose Dillon, but losing a bottom pair dman is not the end of the world and neither is losing a 4th liner.

    Time to look ahead to what moves are going to be made, the sharks have a lot of promising prospects of the bottom 6 variety that could make a great package for a top line player.

    DW has made a wild trade in a while and should have something up his sleeve at the draft.

    Here’s hoping that this years first round pick pans out.

  4. Taylor says:

    We learned a lot about DW’s mindset over the weekend. First, he is not rebuilding – you only protect a veteran depth forward (Hansen) and expose a strong young D man entering his prime on a great contract (Dillon) if you’re in “win-now” mode. Second, he thinks the Sharks’ development system is deeper at D than forwards. Hence the 7-3-1 format and public statement that whoever is drafted will be replaced from within the organization. Third, he really likes Carpenter. I’d be surprised if anyone but Dillon is the pick, but Boedker could bring some much-needed offensive skill and Martin could be a trade asset. As far as the UFA’s, I assume Jumbo returns and Patty does not, unless one of the larger contracts (Boedker, Martin, Ward) comes off the books somehow.

  5. James says:

    No idea what Vegas is thinking with Schlemko, but great for us!

  6. Sheila says:

    We love you guys, but you really need to record more podcasts. The following have occurred since your last episode:

    Mueller traded to NJ
    Offers to Heed, Carpenter, Ryan
    The expansion draft protected players list released
    the Schlemko pick by Vegas
    Burns won the Norris
    McDavid won the MVP over Crosby
    the Vegas roster announcement
    Oshie signed w/ the Caps
    Schlemko to the Habs
    Offers to Tierney + Goodrow
    The Hawks makeover / return of Saad
    the draft
    Rumor that Jumbo won’t resign w/ the Sharks without Patty

    Come on DUUUUDDDDEEESSS …. !

  7. Teddy says:

    The Sharks are worse off than the Caps. The Caps are a cup contender. The Sharks are not.

    The Caps keep losing to the Pens, but no one in the NHL has beaten the Pens in a playoff series since Sullivan took over.

    Would anyone be surprised in Ovechkin, Oshie, and Backstrom get red hot and go to the final next year? That’s exactly what happened to us in ’16. In the ’14 playoffs, Thornton, Couture, and Pavs were a combined miserable -9 with 5 total goals. Resigning Jumbo and Patty looked awful. 2 years later, all 3 of those players lit it up in the playoffs and they went to the final.

    On the other hand, the Sharks have two bad options. 1) Bring back Jumbo and/or Patty and become the Canucks from a few years ago, an aging team whose best years are behind them with no blue chip prospects. 2) Let them both go and enter a rebuild mode, yet you’re saddled with huge contracts to players like Burns, and soon Vlasic and Jones.

    I agree with the listener who wrote in a few weeks ago – the Sharks should have dealt Pavs for a treasure chest (think Panarin or Drouin and a first), let Jumbo and Patty walk, then go after young players like the Avs’ stars. But without great trade bait like Pavs, you’re only going to get a so-so return and you’ll need to deal a young player you should keep like Tierney.

  8. Ryan says:

    Dudes!! So much has happened! When’s the next podcast? Still can’t believe Marleau is no longer a Shark :(.

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