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post Wait, There’s no Radio TiVo?

November 17th, 2009, 2:14 pm

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The Sharks vs Preds tonight is radio only, so you’ll all have to listen live to Dan and Jamie.  Streaming at KFOX, or listen the old frequency-modulated way if you must.   News from Pollak that Greiss is starting again, with Staubitz and Seto out.   That means Frazer McLaren, Benn Ferriero, and Logan Couture are the fourth line tonight, with Malhotra moved up to the second,  and McGinn on the third with Nichol and Ortmeyer.  I’m actually looking forward to that combination- I’d like to think the youthful enthusiasm of those three might give the Preds’ checking line a little more than they bargained for tonight.

Second, a little housekeeping note- I’ve changed the RSS feeds of the blog and podcast over to feedburner, a common and popular service owned by Google that will allow us to keep stats about readership, and give a nice formatted page when you actually visit the feed.  I’ve set up some forwarding so I hope it’s all transparent to you, but I’m mentioning it just in case people run into issues.  Just click on the buttons there on the right to take you to the new feed.

Third, the podcast will be recorded and posted tomorrow night, probably around 8 or 9pm PST.  Emails always welcome.

Fourth, Claude Lemieux didn’t win Battle of the Blades on CBC, sort of a hockey Dancing With the Stars, but with hockey players and figure skaters doing a pairs competition.  Craig Simpson and Jamie Sale ended up winning, with Lemiuex and Stephane Richer (remember him?) as runners-up.  The most noteworthy thing about this show (other than the fact that I kind of want to watch it), is that Lemieux not only performed to the great Leonard Cohen song “Hallelujah” on the finale, but he sung it too.  And I’ll let Doug weigh in on this, being a performing arts guy, but as a person who’s been on stage a few times, I’d say his voice ain’t half bad. [youtube][/youtube]

This is giving me ideas for the podcast.

3 Comments to “Wait, There’s no Radio TiVo?”

  1. Doug says:

    Gotta say, pretty darn good voice. I guess it takes a real man to dance around the ice in tight pants and sing. One suggestion: It would have been a stronger finish if he turtled up at the end and she beat the #*$& out of him.

  2. Ian says:

    Always crappy when an early game is radio only 🙁

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