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post The Blame Game

December 4th, 2009, 1:41 pm

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1884In this corner, weighing in at 6 feet and 205 pounds, the ever testy, the outspoken, the King of the Shootout (Not), Sharks goaltender Evgeni Nabokov.


In this corner, coming in at a stout 6 ft, 1 inches and 200 pounds, the Dill of Defense, the Relish in your Roulade, Marc-Edouard “Why Didn’t You Block That Shot” Vlasic.

In case you didn’t catch the postgame buzz, Nabby was none too pleased that Pickles didn’t block that shot at the end of the Sharks 3-2 shootout loss to St. Louis last night. Vlasic’s point, which is well taken, is that there were five guys who dropped the ball (or puck) at the end last night, and six if you include Nabby.

So, what do you think of the Sharks version of “The Blame Game”? ┬áPersonally, I LOVE IT!

Why, you ask? Because it means these guys care. Haven’t we been asking for this? When was the last time we had guys calling each other out? Forcing others to take accountability? This team has been far too private and too laid-back for too long, and last night’s meltdown deserved Nabby’s quote-tastic response. The Sharks should be mad they choked that game away and it might inspire Vlasic, or Huskins, or anyone to do anything possible to win a game – which was not the attitude for the final minute of regulation last night. This team has been remade to win in the playoffs and if someone needs to be called out to pick up his effort, then so be it. Perhaps it is a little bit unfair to blast Vlasic for not blocking a shot, after all with 52 blocks he is tied for 20th in the entire NHL – so it’s not like he’s not willing to go there – but if the knock on Vlasic has ever been anything, it’s been a lack of intensity and flair for the big play. Blocking that shot would have been the big play.

So get amped up guys. You have a big contest with Calgary on Saturday night and you’ve got to bring the fire and then some. I like a little infighting from time to time. After all, we’ve seen what the Sharks “We’ll get them next time, boys” motto got us last year? Nabby’s comments might inspire Vlasic to throw himself in front of anything, if it means winning a Cup.

6 Comments to “The Blame Game”

  1. Scott Santana says:

    Nabby is right! Pickles is right! All six guys on the ice at the time were responsible for letting that one get in. 59:00 minutes of good play doesn’t make up for losing in the last minute.

    As Randy Hahn so wittingly put it on his facebook page last night, “What a stupid way to lose a game.”


  2. Tom says:

    As I said in my previous comments. I care less about returning physical play Or cheap shots than defensive lapses with this team. Nabby said it correctly though, words don’t mean anything.

    But again. I’m struggling to get that worked up about a Thursday night game, in December, against a bad non-playoff team…

    • Patrick says:

      If your kid’s 3rd grade teacher said “Tom Jr. isn’t doing any of his work and is acting up in class,” would you tell her to buzz off? I mean, nobody judges you later in life based on what you did in 3rd grade, so why get “worked up”?

      I hope not. Grade school isn’t only about what you learn, it’s also about learning how to learn. And for the Sharks right now it’s about learning how to win. If you can’t close out a bad non-playoff team on a Thursday night game in December, good luck against one of the big boys in May…

      • Tom says:

        um…. comparing child development and psychology to adult hockey players is a little thin at best. Nice creative attempt at making your point, but i think you failed…

        If the Sharks haven’t learned yet what to do in April then we are in for another long summer. And my view is not that crazy, mark Purdy pretty much said the same thing last night on the radio show.

        This was the main lesson from last year. The Sharks were “closing” everybody out last year this time. It mattered for NOTHING come April…

  3. Mark says:

    Sharks standing around watching the other team cycle and shoot is common. That’s how they lost this game. The fans booing or the coaches yelling will never be as effective as players holding each other accountable. A little finger pointing is a good thing. Go Sharks.

  4. Niki says:

    I just have to say thank you for the hilarious post… “The Dill of Defense… the Relish in your Roulade”. Very clever…

    I’m all about the players not sugar coating losses and calling people out. I do have to say even though, sure Pickles should have blocked that shot, all star players were lazying about and all should be accountable as McLellan said. The Sharks have a bad habit at sitting on a lead… something I hope is addressed and corrected before playoffs. Keep fighting until the final horn blows. I don’t care if you’re down by 4 or winning by 8.

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