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post Hockey’s Super Sunday

February 8th, 2010, 10:38 am

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I hardly watched any of the Super Bowl yesterday.  Football is marginally interesting to me, but I had other things to do.  Besides, the game always seems to take way too long, with extended commercial breaks and the long halftime show.  Being a big Who fan, I did watch that, but not because I specifically planned for it.  I turned on the TV, and there they were.  Slightly less embarrassing that I thought they would be.  Given they’re all in their late sixties, I guess that’s a victory of sorts.

Now that all that football crap is out of the way, I’m looking ahead in the hockey schedule, to the Sharks’ last four games of the month, and of course, the Olympics.  The first two hockey games for the USA are at noon on work days, so that kind of sucks.  I’ll end of TiVo’ing those, and trying to avoid TSN, which is tough for me.  However, looking ahead to February 21, I see a true sports Super Sunday:

  • 12:00 pm – Russia v. Czech Republic.  Nabokov and Ovechkin vs. Vokoun and Jagr.  And that might be the weakest matchup of the day.
  • 4:45pm – USA v. Canada.  There’s nothing I can say here that would hype this more than it already is.
  • 9:00pm – Sweden v. Finland.  A recap of the 2006 gold medal match.

There should be plenty of motivation to watch all of these games, besides the fact that each will contain current (and sometimes former) Sharks.  This will be the best hockey the world has to offer.  Like hardcore basketball fans love the first round of March Madness, this great day of international hockey may be better than the medal round matches, because they’re all in one day.  I’ll get a dozen bags of chips, a gallon of dip, and a couple of cases of Molson for this one.  The wife won’t be pleased.  Note to self: fill out a vacation request for 2/22.

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