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post Bruins Bear Has It Right

March 12th, 2010, 8:53 am

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Hey Jerky!  Don’t leave the game early!


I love this series of commercials.  And this one, linked by Puck Daddy today, is particularly poignant for Sharks fans.  Sure, it was a pretty wretched game until about 3 minutes into the third.  But don’t try to beat the traffic.  You would have missed an unbelievable flurry of goals, the likes of which I’ve never seen before.  Like this one:


This prompted perhaps the latest goalie change I’ve ever witnessed, with  only 5:20 left in the game.  It was so late (and perhaps unnoticed, because Ellis is #35, Rinne #39), that it wasn’t even announced to the crowd.  My astute section neighbor noticed it.  Didn’t help much, because Rinne faced two shots, one of them a goal by Marleau.  Thanks for stopping by Rinne.

With both Pavs and Heatley on the ice bidding for the hat trick with the goalie pulled late in the game, who scored the empty netter?  Jay Leach, from 130 feet, his first NHL goal.  A perfect ending to one of the weirdest, craziest Sharks games ever.

Oh yeah.  Boys, try and show up a little earlier next time.

22 Comments to “Bruins Bear Has It Right”

  1. Goon Squad says:

    Show up early – leave early…
    …that’s what the Sharts do.
    (Especially in the post-season.)

    • WingsFanInSharkLand says:

      The fact that his/her link was to myspace should have been a cue to us all. Go back to your classroom. Recess is over. Time for finger-painting Friday!

  2. Patrick says:

    Is this our first official troll on the DOH board? I’ve only been reading the blog since last August or so. Pretty exciting!

    • Evilducks says:

      Nah, there was that guy that was ranting about DW being horrible at drafting by using full hind sight 20/20 vision to find every player that turned out better than the ones we drafted. I considered him a troll.

      • Patrick says:

        Are you talking about Jerry from a few weeks ago? He’s no troll. Nazi, maybe.

        • Nazi Troll (aka the artist formerly known as Jerry) says:

          I know it’s blasphemous to criticize anything that DW does around these parts, but you homers really take it to another level, eh. I never said DW was “horrible at drafting.” Somebody claimed that DW was “incredibly adept at drafting” and I challenged that it was too bold a statement. And based on DW’s track record, it was my opinion that trading draft picks to acquire proven NHL talent geared towards helping the Sharks win the Cup now isn’t that big of a sacrifice. If that makes me a Nazi Troll, then I’m proud to be one.

        • Evilducks says:

          No, I wasn’t talking about Jerry, I was talking about a guy that I think was commenting before the website was even up.

          I’ll see if I can dig out a link, I’m trying to remember all of the old dudes places to comment… It’s where they use to post podcasts, not the hockeyanalysis site.

    • Tom says:

      awwww…. it’s like watching your first born take his first steps… or in this case HER first steps….

  3. Patrick says:

    Good stuff… I clicked on Goon Squad’s blog and there’s a post from two days ago with a rundown of who has taken the most of each type of penalty this year.

    In second place for Boarding, “San Jose’s” Milan Michalek. In first place for cross-checking, “Anaheim’s” Chris Pronger. Careful, Dudes. You’re up against an NHL expert here.

  4. baba the hutt says:

    That was just about the craziest game I’ve ever seen. I missed the 9-4 comeback against the Wings cause I got sad and turned off the TV, and I vowed to never miss a comeback again. So I sat through Coyote Ugly, and through Chicago’s shorties, and all the ugliest losses waiting for this game, and I think in the end, it was all worth it. 🙂 GO SHARKS

    • Patrick says:

      What’s the word on Doug Murray’s injury? That’s the last thing we need…

      • Doug says:

        Welcome to the Troll.

        We’ll probably know in about 90 minutes when the Worcester Sharks take the ice. If Demers is in the line up, Murray is ok. If Demers isn’t, it’s safe to assume he’s flying the friendly skies back to San Jose.

        By the way, Worcester is playing Binghamton tonight – the new home of Mr. Cheechoo.

        • Evilducks says:

          Demers did not play in Worcester tonight.

          Expect him in the line up tomorrow.

          • Evilducks says:

            Cheechoo had 0 points and was -2 in the loss.

            Logan Couture had 2 points, was +2 and had the game winning goal… Complete bust of a draft pick.

  5. Tom says:

    I’m still processing last nights game…

    two thoughts:

    One… The Preds have to be pissed with themselves. They dominated the Sharks through the first two periods. Well teh silver lining with this is they play the Ducks tongiht. Have fun with that Duckies…

    second… While Elllis wsn’t stellar last night in the third. I think last night was more the product of the Sharks getting fired up after being embarassed and playing at the level we all know they can. whiile I hate it when they have slow starts, I think last nights game could be good for them. It could be a reminder of what they are capable of when they are determined.

  6. Ruben says:

    Something to ponder:

    Jamie McGinn this season… non factor, or net negative? Is he being misused, stuck in the doghouse too quickly, or has he really been that bad to deserve 5 minutes of ice time a night?

    And is Ryan Vesce really going to play in the playoffs? If not, why have him up? If so…really? Same with Staubitz. Why not go with the lineup that you think gives you the best chance to win in April right now? Wasn’t that a big problem last April, integrating guys too late? Anyone have a good reason why Couture (and Ferriero) aren’t up, cause I can’t think of one. Cap reasons, perhaps?

  7. Tom says:


    That phelps dude needs meds. Not sure I’d call him a troll. But surely he needs help.

    This goon guy is a “classic” troll. His intention was simply to leave a nice fresh turd right in the middle if the bridge for us!

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