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post Episode 92 – A Glimmer of Hope

March 24th, 2010, 8:33 am

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

The Dudes breathe a sigh of relief because the Sharks have finally ended their jarring 6-game losing streak. Mike and Doug talk about the ‘little things’ the Sharks did right in the game against Minnesota, and try and identify what went wrong during the precipitous slide. The Dudes also give a fantasy league update, take some listener email, and check in with some of the Sharks prospects in various amateur and minor leagues, many of whom are going to the playoffs.


26 Comments to “Episode 92 – A Glimmer of Hope”

  1. Evilducks says:

    Sharks get a win and the whole place goes quiet. We (the Sharks) really do have anti-bandwagon fans. They only show up to complain.

    Great opening, I was wondering how long you two could keep that going with a straight face.

    • Mike says:

      I wish I could play real sound effects here like I do in the podcast, but if I could, it’d be *crickets*.

    • Ian says:

      I missed the game, I should probably miss more of them lol. I think with another few wins their confidence as well as ours would be restored. I wish I wasn’t as jaded as I am but at least it took me this long to get here.

      Go Sharks!

    • Tom says:

      When things are going right for the Sharks, and I’m saying that one win really changes much, there isn’t much to say. We are 9 games from Go-time and many people are still waiting to see what this team will do in the PO’s….

      But criticizing your team doesn’t mean you don’t support them or want them to win just as bad as someone who doesn’t criticize… Everyone deals with losing/choking differently.

      And being stoic doesn’t make you a “better fan”. After the last few years with this team I think we Shark fans have earned the right to be apprehensive…

      • Tom says:

        typo…. “I’m NOT saying one win really chagnes much…”

      • Evilducks says:

        That’s sort of the point though isn’t it?

        It’s 9 games until games matter and when we win these games mean nothing, when we lose they mean the apocalypse is nigh.

        I have a hard time understanding the difference.

        • Ruben says:

          I think its a pretty distinct difference. Sharks fans aren’t saying the regular season doesn’t matter. They are saying WINNING in the regular season doesn’t matter. And I think it is a justifiable response.

          Lets put it this way. Say you are a good student, but you struggle on final exams. Well, you go up to the teacher to ask for help. The teacher knows you dominate quizes and homework, but you struggle in the big exam. The teacher is not going to give much value to you acing the HW after meeting with him a few times. You were doing that before. But if you all of a sudden start failing? Of course he is going to be worried that is going to translate to the final exam.

          Why? Because the players are HARDER than the regular season. Better teams. More pressure. Winning in the regular season doesn’t portend winning in the playoffs. But losing in the regular season, the Dudes’ findings notwithstanding, does often mean losing in the playoffs (if you get there at all).

          • Evilducks says:

            Not really, lets dig down on this analogy a little further.

            So, if they ace the homework constantly and fail on the tests repeatedly it’s clear the homework does little to prepare you for the actual test. At some point the person that keeps taking these tests realizes it and stops doing the homework, because frankly, it doesn’t matter. Now to everybody out there that already expects them to fail the first thing they see is a red flag, but since the homework did little to prepare you for anything in the first place then it really doesn’t matter they just feel like getting on that poor kids case because they see an opening and want to rub their nose in it before it happens.

            This is really a stupid example because you’re not competing against a test in the playoffs. There are no guarantees and anything can and will happen in hockey.

          • Ruben says:

            I should say in that last part, “to the regular fan,” because personally I do think its possible to win in the playoffs even being a mediocre team in the regular season (see Edmonton when they beat us). I also do find great relief in the Dudes’ findings, I really really want to believe this losing streak is no big deal. But to most fans, it makes for easy to digest sports wisdom.

          • Ruben says:

            “This is really a stupid example because you’re not competing against a test in the playoffs. There are no guarantees and anything can and will happen in hockey.”

            Wow, really? That’s a pretty harsh response. The analogy I was trying to make was that the other team is a form of a test. That is what you are competing against.

            I think Tom and Patrick handle most of what I think below. Saying “there are no guarantees” and “anything is can and will happen” is a fine attitude to take, but minimizes effort and discipline and talent. Anything COULD happen. But what is LIKELY to happen?

        • Tom says:

          One loss doesn’t mean much no. Six consequtive lossess. Ya, that shows some serious problems. But argue the merits of regular season vs playoffs all day for all I care. That isn’t my point at all.

          I’m really getting tired of this attitude that some Shark fans exhibit who think they are more deserving or a “better fan” because they don’t criticize or show emotion when things start falling apart.

          It’s like I said before. I find it seriously ironic when some fans start flipping out about other fans flipping out…. I guess everyone has their pet peeves though.

          • Patrick says:


          • Evilducks says:

            What about those complaining about those complaining about the ones complaining?

            Crap… now I’m complaining about those complaining about those complaining about those complaining…

        • Patrick says:

          It’s a pretty easy difference. Winning these games doesn’t “mean” much because lots of teams win these games. Phoenix won 9 in a row. Nashville and Detroit are hot. Buffalo has won 4 in a row with points in 8 of the last 10. Washington has points in 9 of the last 10. So what?

          The point is, even if you’re playing well, it’s really, really hard to win the Stanley Cup. You’re up against 15 other teams, and any one of them can win any given series. So if you think playing well down the stretch means anything other than “good thing we’re clicking, because it’s a tough road ahead,” then you’re not being very reasonable.

          Now, given the same tough road ahead… and your team drops 6 in a row including an 8-2 embarrassment against non-playoff Dallas and a 5-1 loss to the worst team in the whole league? Forgive me for not having a ton of confidence in winning four consecutive 7-game series, all against quality competition.

          It doesn’t make me a bad fan, or a bandwagon fan, or someone who only shows up to complain. It makes me someone who realizes that even a team playing well is unlikely to win the Cup, and that a team playing poorly is even less likely. But if you want to wear it as a badge of pride that you’re somehow a better fan because you aren’t “piling on” when they play like garbage, go right ahead.

          • Evilducks says:

            So. Are we writing Chicago off too? 8-3 to the Blue Jackets isn’t much different than 5-1 vs. the Oil.

          • Patrick says:

            No, just like nobody here is “writing off” the Sharks. But I wouldn’t blame a Chicago fan for being concerned about the way they’re playing, their injuries, and their goaltending.

            Coincidentally, all things that are a legitimate concern for Sharks fans at the moment.

          • Evilducks says:

            Well, I’m not particularly concerned about our injury situation depending on Blake’s condition. Pollak reported that he’s skating with the team though.

  2. Ruben says:

    Haha, I just haven’t had access to my laptop since this morning. As it is, I’m writing from my iPhone.

    I have to admit, putting a star on each line worked out quite well. Makes you wonder if Joe could make even Torrey Mitchell a 25 goal scorer.

    Couture with Heatley and Seto… Can’t ask for better linemates for a rookie trying to prove himself!

  3. Ruben says:

    Also, as far as the lack of commenting, I would bet its because there is not much more to say other than “finally, the streak is over.” The only change in the Sharks was a) more effort, b) the crazy lines, and 3) they got the first goal which shot up their confidence.

    Though I do agree with the dudes that they did that pull up move entering the zone a lot less. I don’t have a problem with that move when used sparingly (kinda like the drop pass carry in move that Drew Remenda hates), but it should not be the prime approach. Glad to see them get away from that a little.

    • Patrick says:

      I noticed less of that pull-up across the blue line, and also less of the high cycle where they work it up high and then a forward curls up into the slot and gets a feed from along the boards between the blueline and the faceoff circle.

      Both plays can create good scoring chances when they work, but also lead to a ton of turnovers and counterattacks.

      Looking forward to the Dallas game tonight. Dudes, since you’ll be there in person, keep an eye out for anything going on between Clowe and Morrow that we might not catch on TV.

  4. Tom says:

    On a different note, andbody else have a good feeling about tonights game? I think they could be really fired up to get revenge on Dallas and just being back home should help too.

    • Ian says:

      I thought they looked great tonight, lets just hope they keep it rolling.

      • Patrick says:

        Seto looked awesome tonight. Him and Heatley seem to have a really good sense of each other when they’re on a line.

        Couture’s goal was a nice illustration of why I hate the pull-up in the zone. About 30 seconds before he scored, Marleau was leading a 3-on-2, pulled up across the blue line, and had a soft cross-ice pass get picked off and taken the other way. After the Sharks sort it out in their own zone Seto busts it straight up the wing and takes it to the net, and Couture read it and cleaned up the garbage.

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