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post Episode 97 – The Conference Semis Preview

April 28th, 2010, 8:44 am

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

Mike and Doug break down the last of the Avalanche series, and now look ahead to the new opponent, the hated/dreaded Detroit Red Wings.  The Dudes give first-round grades to all of the players, and pump themselves up with reasons why the Sharks will win the second round series.


12 Comments to “Episode 97 – The Conference Semis Preview”

  1. The Meat Rind says:

    Hopefully the Thursday game 1 start is the ONLY thing Mike is wrong about in his analysis…

    • Mike says:

      Yeah, I really screwed the pooch on that one. Given the Wings probably flew back after game 7, I thought for sure the league would take pity on them and give them more time.

      • The Meat Rind says:

        Word is they flew straight to San Jose. Who’s up for a little ring and run at the Hilton tonight?

        • Tom says:

          I suggested this very thing on FTF… DUde im SOOOO in…

          Anyway someone can get the “in”. We would need their specific hotel room number to do this. They aren’t going to connect us by asking…


  2. Tom says:

    408-287-2100 – Hilton SJ…

    anyone know someone that works there or could get some room numbers?

  3. WingsFanInSharkLand says:

    “The injury is: he sucks.” HAHAHA. Nice one, Dude. He’s got a hell of a left hook though.

    It’s too bad that this series isn’t the Western Conference Finals because really, that’s the way it should be. Unless these two teams beat the tar out of each other in this series in 6 or 7 games and the other series only goes 4 or 5, I think that whoever wins will represent the west in the Stanley Cup Finals. Vancouver and Chicago looked very vulnerable to me in round 1 – most noticeably in goal. And that’s not to say Jimmy Howard didn’t. He was shaky at times – especially during those two Sunday day games.

    Anyway, nice job again on the podcast. We can be friends again in a couple of weeks, but for now, it’s war.

  4. Evilducks says:

    So, you guys perform an exorcism and we don’t lose another game.

    Meanwhile the Caps don’t win another game.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    Washington, enjoy the ghost of Ed Belfour.

  5. The Meat Rind says:

    One of the worst part about playing the Wings is dealing with their fans. WingsFanInSharksLand, you’re ok, but your brethren are total tools. They don’t represent the class of the team they follow. The Wings lose and it was because of missed calls and an NHL scheduling conspiracy, and they “almost won anyway”… they win and the Sharks players and their fans are “crybaby whiny chokers.” Every year the Sharks bow out I try to throw my allegiance to, in my opinion, the second best and second classiest team in the league, but then I start reading blog posts by their minions and I just can’t wait for the Wings to fail so I can mock them.

    • WingsFanInSharkLand says:

      I agree. It’s really lame. There’s little I hate more in sports than people who consistently bitch about the officiating. The calls are what they are and again, THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY. Let’s not forget that Rafalski scored 2 minutes after the 5 on 3, so who’s to say the score wouldn’t have still just been 3-2 after all that anyway? And does it even matter at this point?

      Bottom line: the Sharks won because they capitalized when they had the chance to. It doesn’t matter if those three goals come 1:19 apart or 59:59 apart. It was a good game and everyone on both sides should be excited for a good series. Game 1 did not disappoint.

      I started to read some of the comments on the game recap on the Yahoo site and had to stop after the first couple of pages. There are some real classless jerks on there (from both sides). Hate the Wings (and their fans, myself included) all you want, but there’s no need to thrash the city of Detroit. This is real life. That city is struggling because our country is struggling and it has nothing to do with the sport of hockey.

      Cheers to the people on here who maintain class and dignity.


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