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post ChompTalk – May 2, 2010

May 2nd, 2010, 10:55 pm

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

The Dudes take to the real airwaves, not just the intertubes, and record a full hour-long call in show on KDOW, 1220AM.  The Dudes break down the thrilling come-from-behind game 2 victory, what is and isn’t working for the Sharks, and much more.

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    10 Comments to “ChompTalk – May 2, 2010”

    1. gump says:

      thanks for posting this!

    2. The Meat Rind says:

      Dudes, great show… Doug is a HUGE upgrade over Chethan (sp?)… hope it becomes a permanent thing!

    3. PJ says:

      Great show.

    4. anonymous says:

      I really do like Chetan as a person. He bleeds teal and is genuinely a nice guy. That being said, I don’t like his radio personality. He doesn’t sound as professional as he should on the air. He comes off as a know-it-all, or other times just tries to say something controversial for the sake of being controversial. Sad but true because I do really like the guy as a person!
      Mike and Doug, you guys are genuinely funny which stems from intelligence and natural wit. “Niko Dimitrakos” — see now that right there is COMEDY. Chetan just doesn’t have the delivery nor timing to be funny like you guys!!

      let’s friggin go sharkies

    5. Ian says:

      Dudes great show! I wish I could have caught it live but there was a clog in my interweb tubes. :(

    6. Evilducks says:


      We’re beating Detroit 3-0. I couldn’t even imagine it going into this series. Did you guys think it was even plausible?

    7. Tom says:

      Agree with evilducks. The people want podcast!!

      Btw. You dudes were pretty quiet over the last 24 hrs… No tweets, no posts, hmmm. I realize your probably just as nervous as the rest of us but. Godamn! One of the biggest games in Sharks history!!!

    8. Dman says:

      PODCAST! PODCAST! PODCAST! Get it done! I want to sit down at my computer tomorrow and hear dude, duude, dude?

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