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post Episode 99 – Collect On a Bet

May 12th, 2010, 8:51 pm

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

The Dudes collect on their bet they made about the Sharks-Wings series.  They still can’t quite believe it, but it’s time to look ahead to another Sharks nemesis this year- the Chicago Blackhawks.  Time to break down the matchups from the Hawks, and try to identify how the Sharks can continue onto their first Stanley Cup Finals berth in franchise history.


8 Comments to “Episode 99 – Collect On a Bet”

  1. Patrick says:

    Awesome pod, Dudes.

    My brother just sent me this link. Not sure how reliable it is, but supposedly Game 1 is set for noon on Sunday.

  2. Adrian says:

    good job guys, i tip my hat chris!!!!

  3. evilducks says:

    Great podcast, Chris seemed to have a pretty good sense of humor about the whole thing. I would have been incoherent and probably sounded half dead reading the lines.

  4. WingsFanInSharkLand says:

    Yeah, that was fun. It actually wasn’t as painful as I had anticipated…. although the fact that we had just seen Sydney Crosby’s team go down in seven games to the #8 seed certainly helped. I’d take that bet again in a heartbeat. My only regret is that I didn’t give Jimmy Howard some praise. He did well for a rookie and I don’t fault him for losing this series. There were so many other factors. Anyway, sorry for sounding like I have the reading level of a 3rd grader. Speaking into a mic and trying to look down at what I’m reading was tougher than I thought. Don’t worry, I’m keeping my day job.

    Here are the two possible schedules for the Sharks/Hawks series:

    And just so that everyone who’s going to the WCFs comes “prepared”:|SJS|home

  5. jeremy (OSF) says:

    CHRIS IS A LOSER WHO DESERVES TO D…— ok ok, he seemed like a good guy. cheers to him for coming on.

    OK, totally random but I was obviously super busy at work and read an old post in May, 2008 from Doug that proposed the following trade:

    “To San Jose: 2008 #1 pick (Steve Stamkos)
    To Tampa Bay: Patrick Marleau (6.1M), Ryan Clowe (RFA), Christian Ehrhoff (RFA) and 2009 1st round pick.”

    Doug, looking back, would you have liked this trade, Marleau and Clowe (and a Smirnoff) for Stamkos?
    Pssh, why not throw in Pavelski too while you’re at it, huh?!?!

    anyway, campbell is a martha focker. and he’s uglier than cory perry.

  6. The Meat Rind says:


    Your new NHL teams to be labeled “Chokers”:


    …and the most recent addition, and Choke Masters….


    Must be rough to be a Bruins fan today.

  7. PJ says:

    “Must be rough to be a Bruins fan today.”

    Rough time to be a Bruins fan the last 30 years.

  8. The Meat Rind says:

    Dudes you have to get EJ back on… he picked the Hawks in 6. Change his mind, dudes…

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