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post DOH 110 – News Over Vacation

August 10th, 2010, 8:36 am

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

Doug returns from his summer vacation, and the Dudes try and catch up on all the news.  Setoguchi, Mayers, Joslin, Kovalchuk, and Niemi are all discussed.  After some emails, the Dudes finally reveal who they are going to follow in the EPL, a matter of some controversy.


5 Comments to “DOH 110 – News Over Vacation”

  1. Matt says:

    Definitely up for geeking out over EPL. I followed Liverpool for no reason other than they were on TV a lot, and weren’t the more obvious choice like Man U.

    I’ll jump on the Tottenham bandwagon with you, see how the season goes.

    On a sharks note, did you catch Nabby’s comment to the KHL press about the Oilers? Talk about a team that everyone loves to hate…

    • Mike says:

      Great to have you on board, Matt. And I did catch Nabby’s comments. I understand where he’s coming from- the Oilers aren’t going anywhere in the next couple of years, which is really about Nabby’s professional lifespan at this point. But after that, with all their young talent, they could be really exciting to watch.

  2. Andy C says:

    Dudes – Spurs? Really? Have you actually met any Spurs fans & seen what they are like? Didn’t you read my authoritative view of them? I may have to disown you.

    Not sure if Rob reads the blog here, but his Middlesbrough team will be heading to the bottom of the Championship after their visit to the mighty Leicester City on Saturday! Although something tells me they won’t be showing that game in California…

    • Mike says:

      Andy, we don’t want to lose you. And to be honest, there aren’t too many EPL fans out here of any stripe, so I can’t say I have a feeling for the cross-section of Spurs fans.

      • Andy C says:

        Don’t worry – I’m not going anywhere… But I may have been a bit too hasty… I was taken out to the pub today by my new client & bought a beer & found out he was a Spurs fan, so I can confirm there are some decent Spurs fans out there after all!

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