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post DOH 117 – Sharks Wrap Up Preseason

September 29th, 2010, 11:50 pm

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

The Dudes go to the final home preseason game, and make their roster predictions.  They also run down the goalie situation, and open some Mystery Pucks.


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  1. MJ says:

    dudes. neighbors are the only thing i struggle with when deciding to buy games in bulk (season tix, 10- or 5-game packs). bought a 10-gamer last season and got stuck behind fezzik the giant for all the tilts.

    it was all good until the puck entered the 25% of the ice that his ginormous head blocked out.

  2. evilducks says:

    TSN seems to be under the impression that the Panthers will be picking up most, if not all of, Nylanders tab… to play in the AHL.

    That doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.

  3. Tom says:

    Mike…. If you guys can spend time talking about friggin English SOCCER… then you can spend 2 mins talking about the Giants….

    Orange fever baby…!

  4. Tom says:

    Hey. They Giants supported us when we were in the PO’s and we should do the same. They had Clowe on the Giants broadcast during our run and then… well… Dan Heatley consummated that union with his pitching skills.

    Admit it ED… you got the orange fever… Torture….

    • Patrick says:

      Agreed. And JT Snow has been on SharkByte, and Tim Lincecum gets shown at games from time to time.

    • evilducks says:

      No Orange fever for me, I grew up in SoCal. I was an Angels fan as a kid. Not that I watch any baseball ever anymore.

  5. Evildoug says:

    Hello everybody,

    I believe there are three or four dudes on hockey fantasy leagues consisting of 50 or so people who read this site, and interspersed in those three leagues are maybe 10 people, give or take, who comment regularly, disagree with me regularly, and who I’m sure want to stick it to me. We’ve had lots of arguments together. Lots of good times.. But I propose, strictly for those people, that we take the hostility to fantasy hockey. In the dudes league I am currently in, I am squaring off against the dudes, and maybe 1 or 2 others who don’t consider me their favorite person, but all the other people are probably people I’ve never had a ‘conversation’ with on here. I’m not suggesting we abandon our dudes leagues to join a new one. I’m saying, in addition to the leagues you may or may not already be in, I propose a “Beatevildoug” league specifically for Tom, evilducks, myself, the dudes, and whoever I’m forgetting, using the same scoring as the dudes leagues (except maybe minus the faceoffs won since that stat weights centers more than any other position, whereas every other stat like goals, assists, PIM, etc, are things all positions can acquire). It’s not a big deal either way. So a league using either the exact same scoring as the dudes leagues, or the same minus faceoffs won, just for the people who are especially interested in the potential satisfaction of beating me. Let me know if there is interest in this. If so, either I can make the league, or the dudes can–as long as they let the draft order be randomly determined. The draft could either be the day before the regular season, the day of, or even next weekend a game or two into the regular season. I’m not opposed to starting it two days after the regular season because I don’t think it’s a big deal but if some are you are purists then we can do it on a weekday/night this wednesday or thursday.

    • Patrick says:

      I like the reference to the random draft. Do you still think the Dudes put you last on purpose yesterday? If that’s such a disadvantage, why did they put themselves second-to-last?

    • evilducks says:

      There is a 7% chance you end up in any specific position. So should I be suspicious no matter where I ended up?

    • Tom says:

      I’ve thought about your proposal EvilDoug…

      Im game… IF… you are willing to compromise on a few demands if you will…

      One, the league cannot have more than 8 teams MAX… 4-6 would be best…

      You can draft ay any position you want. You can moderate it. I willl participate ONLY if others are willing to also.

      Here is my one condition though:

      You will agree to keep to a 200 word limit PER WEEK on this blog for the entire season!!! …and you will not circumnavigate this deal by trying to use other aliases….if you go over then Ill quit the league.


      • Patrick says:

        You know what this reminds me of? Remember when Rabbit keeps getting bounced by Tigger, then Tigger gets stuck up a tree and promises he’ll never bounce again if they help him down? Then when he gets down he’s so happy he’s about to start bouncing but Rabbit is like “oooooh no don’t, you promised!” So Tigger walks away, really sad, and everyone else peer-pressures Rabbit to let him bounce again.

        • Tom says:

          doubt it… I think people would appreciate the limits to be honest.

          i have no problem with him or his opinions… just the manner in which he “shares” them.

          • Patrick says:

            I’m sure all of the forest creatures thought they would appreciate the limits of “not getting bounced,” too. But then they realize they’re taking away all that Tigger has. Have a heart, man.

            Seriously, though, I didn’t mean for that to be interpreted quite so literally as an indictment of your challenge to Evil Doug.

  6. Evildoug says:

    There’s no way of knowing for sure either way, but no, you’re right. When I said that, all I was looking at was my pick at 14th. I didn’t look to see where the dudes were drafting. I didn’t even know they were taking part in all the leagues. I figured they’d be in league 1 and this was just for everyone else. There’s only a 7% chance you get the 14th pick though, so it’s always going to be suspicious when you get that pick in a league where the people running the league don’t like you. It’s possible the dudes wanted the 13th pick because they liked players available at 13 and 16, so they gave themselves the pick they wanted and put me last. So to answer your question, after seeing that they were 13th overall, I became less suspicious, but I don’t have a definitive opinion one way or another. I’m open to the possibility that they put me last, and also to the possibility that they didn’t.

    • Ian says:

      I have been doing fantasy hockey for about 3 years now My first year I drafted last the next year I drafted in the middle of the pack and this year I drafted first. What you could do to clear it up for yourself though is start one up and see if you have the option to edit the draft order. I really think though as bad as it may look its coincidence and nothing more.

  7. Mike says:

    In case anyone was wondering, the draft order was randomly selected.

    • Patrick says:

      Pretty sure just the one person was wondering.

      How did the other drafts go? Which SuperDudes team is looking the strongest?

  8. Tom says:

    Evil Doug…. The draft handicaps the draft order by letting you have the first pick of the 2nd round if you are last… I prefer the first two slots or the last two for this reason.

    I drafted last in last years league and just barely lost on the final PO, finishing in 2nd place… You weren’t disadvantaged in the draft.

    And if I was out to get you, which I’m not, fantasy hockey would be the last way I’d try and do that. Relax no one out to get you. Just try and behave and everything will be ok.

  9. WingsFanInSharkLand says:

    I was wondering if it would be OK for me to hijack this thread with pages and pages of nonsense and then when I piss everyone off to no end, maybe you can make a fantasy hockey league that is all about me. ME ME ME ME ME ME. Please make me the center of attention.

    I can’t believe that people like this even exist. And I can’t believe I read another one of his posts. Shame on me.

  10. Evildoug says:

    hey Tom,

    on 8 team vs 14 team, either way it’s equal for everyone. With a 14 league team, you’re going to have to draft more kind of 1st line B or 2nd Line A players, which maybe tests peoples’ eye for talent a little more than just drafting more of the stars. That’s not really my reason for saying no as much as I’m used to 14 teams in my limited fantasy experience, and so are most other people. Every time you change the number of teams it’s just changing everything around and you have learn the new way too. As for a 200 word limit, how about you just count the number of words (individually, manually – no using microsoft word), and if it’s more than 200 words, you don’t waste your time reading it…

    Seriously though, for you, the Dudes, evilducks, etc, the whole point is it should be just as appealing, or more appealing, to you guys, as it is for me. I want to take you guys on and compete against you in a hockey-knowledge type competition, given that a lot of our arguments are over hockey knowledge type deals, and I figured you guys would want to do the same. Am I wrong? Does the prospect of putting me in what you perceive to be my rightful place not sound appealing to you? We’re talking about fantasy hockey. This is fun. It’s not a ‘I’ll do this thing you want me to do that I don’t really want to do as long as you do something for me’ situation. It’s more of a ‘please let me join the league’ type scenario. If anything I should be making demands you have to abide to in order to get the opportunity to potentially beat me. Or at least, that’s how it would be if I didn’t want to do it too. But the point is I proposed it because it appealed to me, but also because I figured it would appeal just as much to everyone else. If it doesn’t sound like any fun to you guys then it’s not worth it because you guys probably wouldn’t even be there for the draft. Personally I think it would be a lot of fun, and add to the hockey season. Instead of just having a stake in the sharks games, all of a sudden all the games get interesting, and you’re pulling for your players to come through so you can taunt evildoug, and hoping his don’t beat yours out or he’ll taunt you (I wouldn’t really taunt but you get the idea). There is a little bit of this in any fantasy hockey league, pulling for your players, but it still doesn’t add anywhere near the entertainment to the other hockey games as it does when you’re playing fantasy hockey against someone you dislike, who you really, really want to beat. There are so many fantasy leagues I could join but I’m proposing this one because I think it would be the most fun playing against you guys. Not much positive has come of our arguments, and dislike isn’t a positive thing normally, but maybe a positive (entertainment, more stake in more hockey games around the league) can come from those arguments and that dislike. I hope we can make a serious league just like the Dudes leagues but it’s up to you guys. I assume you guys joined one of the dudes’ leagues, which was 14 players, without me agreeing to anything, so if playing against me will be even more fun, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to do that (even more) without added incentive. Mike, Doug, would you guys be interested? Evilducks? Tom? Who am I forgetting?

  11. Evildoug says:

    And evilducks,

    pick a personality disorder and stick with it. Now I have a victim complex? At least when I’m saying I’m right about something or understand more about something than someone else, and you call me a narcissist or whatever else, it’s because you think I don’t understand more, and that therefore my claiming that I do is false, and therefore, in your mind, narcissistic, and not based in reality. So at least there’s a train of logic going on there, even if the fair logic is being used on a false premise, which is what leads to a false conclusion despite the fair logic. But a victim complex, that’s really just you pulling something out of your ass. I don’t know why you and everyone else is out to get me constantly. It’s like everything I say and everything I do you guys are trying to get at me, and at work everyone else gets a promotion and I don’t, and I think sometimes they’re all kind of meeting with each other figuring out ways to help each other out at my expense.


    That’s a joke. Me playing along with your victim complex label. In reality, the only people out to get me are the ladies… ooo yeah… I mean, in the sense, they’re out to get back, i.e catch me, to get me because they want me type thing, not out to GET me, i.e fuck me and my life over. Because obviously the latter would never happen, especially to me.

    But really, pick one disorder, or better yet, none. I am a human being. I don’t have any personality disorders.

  12. Tom says:


    I ignore mist if your posts anyways. And you’re missing the point.

    For one you already are in one league with us all now. Why would joining another be beneficial to us?

    If you want something from us then you are gonna have to compromise.

    200 words a week. No more than 8 teams.

  13. Evildoug says:

    I didn’t realize you all were in my league. If that’s the case then nevermind. You’re the one missing the point though (here we go again *sigh*). Or how’s this, you’re missing *MY* point. My point is that I don’t want anything from you guys. It’s not a bargaining chip. To be more specific, it’s like, I want something from you guys, but because you guys have equal incentive to want it to, it balances out. Think of it this way, if I asked you for 50 dollars, that would be a situation of.. okay, i’ll give you 50 dollars, what you want, but you have to not post on dudes on hockey, for example. But this scenario is equivalent to me wanting 50 dollars from you, in return for 50 dollars from back. As in, what do I get from you joining the fantasy league? A fun fantasy league. That’s the 50 dollars. What you’re thinking is along the lines of, I get the fun fantasy league (or 50 dollars), and you get nothing (or 0 dollars), and therefore I need to even it out by giving you what you want (200 word limit). But, that’s inaccurate. I get the fun fantasy league/50 dollars, yes, but so you do. Therefore just by virtue of the fantasy league, you’re getting the same as me. That’s my point that you’re missing. You joining the league isn’t you doing me a favor. You should be doing it for your own enjoyment, or not at all.

  14. Cyoor says:

    I dont think that the persons that want to get rid of you are the persons to ask if they wanna join your league. Its like if you call a girl, and she says “please stop calling me”, and you answer with: “Oh, well do you wanna go out some time instead then, so we can get to know eachother better? Then you might change your mind about me calling you?”

  15. Evildoug says:

    Except it’s nothing like that. A girl going out with you is not her beating you or getting back at you. Joining the league, however, is an opportunity for them to put me in my place. There is no incentive for a girl to go out with a guy she doesn’t like. There is incentive for them to join a league with someone they don’t like. It’s completely different. I see what you’re trying to say but it’s different.

    So I take it you guys aren’t interested?

  16. Tom says:

    Oh I’m sorry… Are you asking US something ? I though you said nevermind???!

    You keep claiming somehow joining another league with you benefits us… Yet YOU’RE the one who keeps ASKING??

    200 words a week. 8 teams max.

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