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post Well, That Was Surprising

December 6th, 2010, 11:22 pm

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I wasn”t aware the Sharks’ new goal was not to reduce the inconsistency, but to decrease its period.  The Sharks went from their worst performance of the year to their best during an intermission.  What I would give to have been a fly on the wall for that ‘Rudy’ speech.  Whatever was said, it worked.  I imagine it was this:

T-Mac : Hey guys, just a thought.  TRY PLAYING HARD.

Joe Thornton : <takes shirt off> hmm yeah.

Patrick Marleau : Oh yes.  Absolutely.  Try hard.  Uh huh.

Dan Boyle : Jeez, we suck.  We can play better than this.

Ryane Clowe : Dude, I gotta shave this mustache off.  It’s getting ridiculous.

Niclas Wallin :  Hamburgers.



Podcast tomorrow.

6 Comments to “Well, That Was Surprising”

  1. Tom says:

    What are you talking about? I full expected them to come out like gang-busters in the 2nd… They were just falling right into Tmac’s evil plan… 😉

    No… I though Tmac pulled all the right strings last night. Something I think might be missing from his coaching game. I like it when they kick this team in the rear now and then!

    Great game.

    Looking forward to the podcast fellas…!

  2. Niki says:

    Hahahahaha that Niclas Wallin “quote” actually had me LOLing. Thanks Mike!

    Perfectly timed time out by TMac last night to keep us within a decent distance to the Wings… whatever he said during intermission, it worked and I hope he says it before EVERY game here on out- I’d like two wins in a row… PRETTY PLEASE!

    Can’t wait for the podcast…


  3. Ruben says:

    Justin Braun with another assist last night. Ferriero looks great on that 2nd line. I am very interested about what is going to happen when Huskins and Setoguchi come back. Amazingly, Seto might find himself on a line with either Thornton and Heatley or Marleau and Pavelski despite coming off injury and having a crappy year. And I would have to imagine McCarthy in Woosta and/or Mayers in the press box.

    But the D… that gets really interesting. Can DW really send Braun down, considering he has been the only dman able to get his shot through from the point? Do the Sharks waive Huskins? Everyone has said the Sharks need another top Dman. Well, then who goes? Wallin is going nowhere. Neither is Boyle. Demers is playing like a top 4 dman at minimal cost. Those three plus our hypothetical new top pair Dman leaves 2 spots for Vlasic, Braun, Murray, and Huskins. Who stays, who goes?

    And does keeping Braun once again change the type of Dman the Sharks need? Are we back talking about the Robyn Reghers and Chris Phillips of the world, or do we still shoot for Joni Pitkanen or Tomas Kaberle? Qeustions questions…

    • Cyoor says:

      I think Murray is quite safe to.. The sharks need a D-man like that, and without him they would have to find someone else to fit that “oh god look out so you dont get run over by the train while you are on the ice” person..
      He may not score goals, but he sure makes the opponants think one extra time before doing something..

  4. Niki says:

    Murray is staying. We need that DEFENSIVE defenseman who is big and isn’t afraid of leveling anyone. I’m *praying* Vlasic gets back into the groove of things and starts point producing but I think a lot of it is who he’s paired up with. Wallin is NO Rob Blake. Maybe if he stays paired up with Braun or Demers, we can start seeing that “old” Vlasic that we miss. I’d prefer Wallin or Huskins to get the boot but I have a strong feeling DW is not going to go that route.

    • Ruben says:

      Well, Wallin has a NTC, he can’t really be moved. Huskins would be first out, and may already be in danger of being replaced by Braun. But what if the Sharks brought in Regehr? Doesn’t Murray become superfluous? Boyle-Regehr, Vlasic-Demers, Braun-Wallin? Offense w/ shutdown on every pair?

      Thing is, I think DW thinks he already has a Regehr in Murray. And if Braun continue to produce, I think DW would believe he already has his Joni Pitkanen. All for 1/3 the cost and no assets given up. The better Braun is, the less likely I think DW pulls the trigger on a Dman.

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