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post DOH 126 – Back and Better Than Ever

December 8th, 2010, 7:58 am

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The Dudes may be better than ever, but you can’t say that about the Sharks- they lose bad in Montreal, and have a horrible first period against the Wings.  Mike and Doug weigh that against their very good play against the Sens and the same Wings, and pick apart their lineup, looking for bright spots.  A few rookies and a goalie are in that category.


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  1. Joe579 says:

    Not seeing this on itunes 🙁

    • Mike says:


      I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this, but I’ll assume you mean if you look for the Dudes On Hockey podcast in the iTunes Store. I believe they only scan the feed once a day (if that), and update their stuff accordingly. Really the best way to get the podcast is to subscribe to it in the iTunes application (Advanced->Subscribe to Podcast, then paste this url: Then it’ll automatically download each week. Again, iTunes may not download it exactly when it becomes available, but you can check by right-clicking on the podcast in iTunes and choosing “Update Podcast”. If new episodes are available, it will automatically download the latest. I’ve successfully downloaded today’s podcast at work and at home in this manner.

      Thanks for listening!

  2. Ruben says:

    Good to have you guys back 🙂

    Great podcast. I think you guys are spot on about the Calder race and how things might shake outif/when everyone is healthy.

    Everyone in my family gets the ribs at Henry’s Hi-Life, but I have to have the NY Steak when I go. I just dip the bread in the BBQ sauce, that is the best thing about the ribs anyways… yum. Dallas/Chicago matchup, what a great game to decide the bet. I’d almost feel dirty having either of those teams winning being a benefit to me, but if that benefit is Henry’s I can live with that!

  3. greg says:

    Dude, ITS ESPN

  4. MattW says:

    Great podcast guys!

    Doug said he thought Joe Thornton was a euro type player. But what I just think…Thornton I dont think is what the email guy was talking about for me…He is not that euro kind he was talking about…Joe Thornton may not be a dump and chasing player like an example of Travis Moen who has no skill and dumps the puck in lots,but Big Joe is still a dump and chasing player.He and his line mates are constantly dumping the puck in below the net so Joe and Heaters can fight hard along the boards,win board battles,set up a cycle,and play that gritty cycle style of hockey.Whether Joe always works hard or not,the goals he scores and sets up are the gritty,hard work type.His good thing is his size,but the players the email guy is talking about,there strengths are there speed and skill.Of course Big Joe has skill at passing also,but almost all the goals he sets up with passes come from gritty cycle and board work along the boards.Contrary,eurodynamite like Pavel Datsyuk,Nicklas Backstrom,theyre also great passers,but a lot of there goals that they make passes for dont always come from gritty board play.They can do it with speed off the rush too.The Sharks almost never score off the rush.Watch them next game.There goals will come from getting the pucks below the net,being bigger han the other team on the boards winning the boards battles,and then either passing to a defensemen on the point where he shoots and they score on the rebound or tipin, or coming out in front of the net and throwing it at net to start a bouncing play like that and getting a good bounce to there sticks.Just watch.Sharks almost never score off the rush.They always make dirty goals with gritty board battles.

    Doug was talking about being bored with the Sharks this year,and he gave his reason that he thought,but I think the reason is secretly that everybody has seen it all already,and now its old.The dirty goals from the cycle always.Dirty and boring.The same strengths,the same weaknesses.Their still talking about playing full 60 minute games,not sitting back on leads,be consistent,breaking out of the zone…they still dont understand u cant play a detroit puckpossession style when ur defense only has 10% of the talent on detroit…Not really any new players or any new high entertaining talent added through off season.Its all the same that weve been seeing for years.No change,no evolving,no new talent…equals you get bored watching just the same,the same team stuck in the same place,stuck because of the same brand of stucky least last year we got heatley,but in a way hes kind of the same too.Really,since Boyle,weve been stuck.This year we got nothing at all.Two goaltenders.That would be great if both teams played with two goaltenders in two nets each every night.besides goaltenders,its just the same.Would you go watch the same movie 100 times?Would you read the same book 100 times?I no your feeling,believe me.Its old.Nothing ever changes in the san jose sharks.Thats why its less fun…for me anyways…

  5. MattW says:

    What did I tell you!!!2 Sharks goals>Goal number1>Board scrum on far side of the ice,Sharks win board battle with there bigger size and secret weapon of being able to trip and get away with it,puck comes out to defensemen,just like I said in my description,and because the puck is rolling he scores on a movement slapshot instead of a rebound.Goal number2>Sharks win battle behind the net along the boards,Thornton comes out in front from behind the net,passes it off a nashville players leg-GOOD SKILL JUMBO!WAY TO PLAY IT FANCY!-and Heatley comes in on the rebound bounce off the leg and puts it into the open net.

    Doug why are bored watching this team?That is why.No skill plays.Board battle,trip,bouncing puck to Wallin,goal.Board battle,pass off leg,lucky bounce right to breaking Heatley for open net.Boring.Same old.All Sharks can do is win board battles and faceoffs.Instead of a fun skill team,we have a boring detail faceoff size board team.More like BORED team hahahahaha.Do you see now what I was saying in my first post?What I described BEFORE the game,it is almost exactly what happened DURING the game.Have you ever been called predictable?Have you ever said I dont watch that TV show because it is so predictable?Why would you say that?Why would u avoid something because it is predictable?Because predictable is boring.With washington capitals,when they play good,I cant predict how they will score goals.Could be Ovechkin stickhandles.Could be Semin stickhandles or slapshot.Could be Backstrom amazing passes ticktackand toe.Could be all that.I cant predit.But with sharks?I predict they will only score really boring grit goals from board battles,and nothing on the rush,and they clockwork.Why watch when u already know wut will happen am I right guys?I think thats what your feeling Doug,Im just putting it into words for you now becuz you couldnt quite indentify i dont think.

    • Patrick says:

      Holy cow and did you see that Dallas game? It’s like you’re a prophet… only the exact opposite. Look at what you described BEFORE the game, and then the total opposite happened DURING the game.

      As long as we’re speaking for Doug, I can say with absolute confidence that he very much appreciates you putting this into words for him.

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