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post DOH 135 – We’ll Do It Live

February 18th, 2011, 12:27 am

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The Dudes delay a bit this week to give the recap of the Washington and Nashville games, and dive into the wonderful trade season.  The deadline is only about 10 days away, and there are lots of Crazy Trades proposed by listeners, as well as players on the move that need to be evaluated.


10 Comments to “DOH 135 – We’ll Do It Live”

  1. osf says:

    Was having withdrawls.

  2. says:

    It was announced that Wingels & Petrecki were called up before Pickles was injured.

  3. Tom says:

    So I’m listening to the podcast this morning and then bam… Ian White to San Jose for apparently what amounts to Joslin and picks… I like it. Unless of course they are high picks…

    But with big nick and Braun that makes 9 bodies…!

    I’m assuming then Vlassic is IR or Nitty is LTIR, and Braun isn’t actually coming up… That leaves 7 bodies??

    • Ruben says:

      I was thinking along those lines, but…

      1) I’ve read that this move was in the works pre-Vlasic injury. So at this point I have no reason to think one way or the other that Vlasic is seriously injured.

      2) Joslin was not a part of the deal, apparently he was moved to get Justin Braun on the roster.

      So I have to believe that Boyle, Demers (who went to Stockton on a pure cap relief journey), White, Braun Vlasic (injured), Murray (nothing regarding him, but I doubt he is moved) and Wallin (NTC) looking at playing time. That’s seven bodies.

      So I have to believe that Huskins is being sent somewhere, and that Petrecki is only meant to gain a glimple of NHL life and step in if someone is injured. He will be back in the AHL in a couple of weeks.

      • Tom says:

        Yeah that sounds about right. I think Demers going to Stockton temporarily means there will be another move… Huskins is a likely target….

        Unless something big is coming… 😛

  4. Chris says:

    Ian White, ladies and gentleman.

  5. Tom says:

    Ok here’s what I think went down.

    Irwin is being called up just in case White can’t make it tomorrow.

    The Joslin deal was to make room for Braun permanently. I guess they don’t want to (or can’t fir some reason) bring him up unless it’s permanent. This is why there were TWO SEPERATE deals today.

    The Joslin trade was to make room for Brawny but then Carolina also accepted our offer for White after the fact… Which has been rumored to have been on the table for a couple weeks… DW had to them scramble and adjust…ie cancel the earlier call ups and bring in someone in case White can’t make it for Sat’s game…

    If Vlassic is injured and can’t play which seems likely then Huskins will probably take his spot. So I’ll guess Sat our pairings will be:

    Boyle – Murray
    Irwin/White – Huskins (in place of Vlassic)
    Demers – Wallin

    If Vlassic is good then we can easily roll 7 D or somebody is a scratch.

    Braun isn’t here and isn’t going to get called up is my hunch unless they make another move. They were only making that move before Car agreed on their offer for White.

  6. Eric says:

    I’m no fan of Huskins, but I cannot imagine that he is going anywhere. He may become the 7th d-man, but I cannot believe that DW does not want some depth going into the playoffs. From what has been said, I have to think that Braun should be getting some regular time, but I could also see the team being more apt to give a d-man a day off too (i.e. Murray) and use Huskins. With Vlasic injured and Murray looking banged up, Huskins is here to stay despite the White move and Braun talk.

  7. Cyoor says:

    We finally got that D that we have been waiting for, and w/o letting seto go.
    It must have been a really huge preassure on him before, since he was the lose one and we needed a D. Now against colorado: “piew Im safe, lets do a hattrick”…
    Have the preassure played a big role in his problems?

  8. Cyoor says:

    And now 2 more from seto against detroit..

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