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post Game 4 Results

April 22nd, 2011, 1:59 pm

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Great game last night. And it was made that much better by participating in a chat right here at DOH.  I think we had about 15 people at the peak, which was really great.  Just a fun way to watch an away game, I plan on joining for future games, and encourage you all do to the same.  I just installed a differerent kind of chat, an IRC-based one, which I think will be more robust than the one we used last night.  You can even get IRC clients for smartphones, or a standalone one that you install on your computer.  I already tried an iPhone client, and it seems to work fine, so all those people who want to be at a bar and still participate in the chat, this will be a better solution.

Infrastructure stuff aside, it’s the 2nd line again that’s carrying the team.  You know what?  I don’t have a a problem with that.  Doughty-Mitchell is as tough of a defensive pair as there is in hockey, and it’s nice the Sharks have an answer when those guys do their job.  That’s not to excuse the Jumbo line, which really hasn’t been that great yet.  Joe made a nice play to get his goal, but it was on a line change.  It’s not like Joe, Seto, and Patty were cycling and creating chances for fifty seconds before Joe scored.

But really the most disappointing thing about the Sharks this postseason has been the utter lack of a 4th line.  Mayers played only 5:10 last night, and was still -1, on a goal that was catalyzed by his turnover.  Eager had only 3:18, but at least he wasn’t on the ice for that one- he must have just gotten off.  I feel like Joe Montana when I say “turnovers can hurt you” (not the most trenchant thing ever said about sports), but the Sharks have really illustrated that in this series.  I know icing is bad and all that, but wouldn’t you rather have a faceoff in your zone than a turnover at your own blue line?  Especially for a team that is just killing it in the faceoff dot.  Thornton was 6 for 7 against Stoll and 7 for 11 against Hanzus.  That’s just flat-out domination.

Doug and I will be at the game tomorrow night, but feel free to jump on the chat again if you’re watching from home.  I’d like to hear how it performs.

6 Comments to “Game 4 Results”

  1. Tom says:


    Perhaps you could give us a 30 second education on what an IRC is?? And did you download a specific app for the iPhone? I’m not much of a techie…

  2. Mike says:

    IRC is Internet relay chat, basically an ages-old standard for chatting. There are a million servers out there that ‘host’ IRC servers, and I started a dudesonhockey room at a place called geek shed. You can connect to this server using the flash app on the chat page here, or use another client. Instructions are on the chat page, h/t Cyoor. If you just search the app store for IRC you will find a bunch of apps, I downloaded one called ‘Rooms’. A big benefit is the chat is no longer hosted here, and uses a well defined protocol.

    Hope this helps

  3. Tom says:

    Awesome. Thanks. The only real Internet access I have is via my IPhone so this helps me a lot!

  4. Tom says:

    Funny exchange on twitter… EJ Hradek was asked, “What’s your view on the Kings tonight?” and EJ responds, “I don’t have good news.”…. HA!

    It has been spoken by the wise one therefore it shall be…!

  5. Tom says:

    Just got home and I reviewed the three LA goals. All three were mistakes by Niemi. The 2nd goal actually bounced out of Neemo’s glove and right to Clifford. And Dudes, I agree with your tweet, Neemo should have been pulled after the 2nd goal.

    The third was again off Neemo’s glove and you could tell by his reaction that he really should have had that one too. 

    So, I’m not going to get into a debate about who should start from here out, although I do think it should be Nitty. But I asked this previously and nobody gave it much thought… I think Neemo has played too many games. 

    My one issue with T-Mac that I’ve always had is the way he manages his goalies. He should not be allowing them to dictate their playing time. What starting goaltender is ever going to admit he is tired?! 

    I think T-Mac has mismanaged his starting goaltender down the stretch, yet again, and it just cost the Sharks a short first round series. I’m not disparaging here – the sharks WILL close this out either Monday or Wednesday. But now are we really thinking that Neemo can handle the EXTRA games at this point? I doubt it. 

    I’m really glad Antero Nittymaki is our backup right now.

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