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post “They found a way, that’s what good teams do.”

May 5th, 2011, 8:25 am

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The quote is from Mike Babcock, and you couldn’t find a better one to sum up game 3.  Thoroughly outplayed for most of the contest, the Sharks managed to prevent the Wings from blowing the game wide open.  I imagine Wings fans felt the same in the 3rd period last night as I did in game 2, when the Sharks were just curb-stomping the Wings, yet couldn’t find a way to put the game out of reach.  “One bad bounce, one bad play, and this game is tied, with Wings having all the momentum,” I thought to myself.  At that point, we witnessed a little force of nature I like to call Hamburgers.  The Wings did not have their own Hamburgers in the lineup last night- they only had a Zetterberger (2 A, but still managed to be -1). Instead, the Sharks bent but did not break, with Dan Boyle continuing his redemption by roofing one with less than five minutes left.

Still, as good teams do, the Wings persisted, creating several more chances, including one right near the end of regulation.  And the old take-a-penalty-in-overtime-but-kill-it-and-score-afterwards trick worked to perfection, one the Sharks had already whipped out in game 6 against the Kings.  The Canucks also pulled it off in game 7 versus the Blackhawks.  I think I can say now that going on the PP in overtime is decidedly a bad thing.  It’s basically the hockey equivalent of the two minute drill- score and you win, don’t score and you will lose.

I’m really enjoying this one, even more so than last year.  Despite the bad headline of this piece, Ken Campbell says what Doug and I said this week – this team could really do it. They are built as well now as they have ever been in their history.

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  1. Evilducks says:

    I like your overtime theory, except in game 1 against the Wings, the Wings killed a 4 minute penalty in OT and the we stuck the dagger in them for their trouble.

    I think the key to winning in OT is having Teal on your sweater. 5-0.

    • Mike says:

      Hm…. well… *frantically shuffles papers* I think the Wings just haven’t practiced that trick enough. Yeah, that’s it.

  2. Tom says:


    I wish I had taken you up on that $1 bet that Boudreau would be fired… According to McPhee he “expects him to return next year”…

    And I agree with it…

    As Doug Wilson said, “sometimes the class needs a new coach and sometimes the coach needs a new class…” And think this one falls on the players not getting it done.

  3. Ruben says:

    I think the Capitals are the clearest example of a team letting their superstar down, and the superstar taking the fall for it. Ovechkin played incredible, posting good stats and potting a couple of clutch goals, but time and again his supporting cast couldn’t keep up. Him and Boudreau deserve better, I actually think Boudreau is a great coach, taking essentially the same players and shaping them froma run a gun team to a defensively responsible as you can make those guys.

    So you dudes think Jamie McGinn is done, huh? It’s too bad, I think of all the guys rotated through the 4th line, I’ve thought him and Ferriero have been the best. Interestingly, I think Scot Nichol has struggled the most, but he is really the only center. With 4 games to get a win, might be a good time for Todd McLellan to toss out a Ferriero-Desjardins-McGinn line and see if they can earn some trust with 8-10 minutes of ice time in G4. He won’t do it, but I think it would pay dividends against a team like Vancouver who can roll 4 lines like Detroit.

  4. MJ says:

    dude, heatley got smoked last night. cobwebs looked like they were there through the end of the game. he seemed off a step after that hit. kudos for shakin’ it off though.

    great game last night and i found myself quietly thanking DW for not trading away the players i was calling dead weight right around christmas time.

    the boys have really been impressive this year (playoffs) and i’ve got my fingers crossed that thornton will prove me wrong and be the captain that gits`er done.

    final four is going to be wild. looking forward to it.

  5. Bryce says:

    @MJ. One article I read said that Heatley had the wind knocked out of him on the Kronwall hit and nothing more. The way he was doubled over on the ice would leave me to believe that was all it was too.

    As far as watching the Sharks this year it is a lot of fun watching them play with confidence. Couture and Gooch sitting on the bench talking about already having their goal celebrations planned for the Game 3 winner? That’s what I call swag and I like it. This team has lacked that in the past and I think it is a part of their success this year.

  6. Tom says:

    Funny how according to the versus announcers Detroit almost choking away a 3 goal lead to get swept somehow equals “now it’s a series”!!!!???

    What the actual fuck?

    Strange though because had the Sharks lost game 3 and won game 4 somehow this shit talking and posturing wouldn’t happen. But, FAIL to sweep and suddenly they can win 4 in a row? No, versus, they can’t. 5 or 6 games it doesn’t matter – DETROIT IS DONE.

    I’m growing to hate the national NHL media more than ever. I might have to go dark until the Wings are golfing yet again.

    • The Meat Rind says:

      Tom, I couldn’t agree with you more. When the VS announcer said that I laughed and turned off the tv… talk about trying to drum up the Detroit audience!

      The real story of this game was the Sharks gong down by three and climbing all the way back, but that is being buried in the story. Let’s face it, the Sharks won’t get respect in the national media until they win the Cup… well, maybe not even then.

      To me, the highlight of the game was watching Clowe pound on Abdel-turtle. What a beatdown!

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