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post DOH 151 – Two Minutes For Talking

May 18th, 2011, 9:57 pm

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After a beatdown in game 2 versus Vancouver, the Dudes have few answers.  At least there’s a lot of room for improvement by the Sharks.


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  1. Emily Hall says:

    Dudes! I just got through listening to the podcast, and I’m so PISSED at you both! Why so down on the Sharks? Though I agree that the Sharks did not play their best hockey, and that they need to have better puck management in the neutral zone, they didn’t play horribly. I also don’t like that you are blaming them for all the penalties. I think the calls for the last 2 games have favored the Canucks. The two non-calls for highsticking in the first period would have totally changed the game.
    I think the refs were looking for things to call the Sharks on, and failed to call things on Vancouver and on top of that, called the Sharks in game 1 for CLEARLY EMBELLISHED acts by Torres and Kesler.

    I can’t believe that you didn’t mention Marleau getting into a fight, true, he got his a** kicked, but the fact that Marleau (who doesn’t really fight much) got into a scuffle with Bieksa shows me that he is invested in this series. Dudes, back the Sharks more and stop being such “Debbie Downers”!

    The Sharks just need to concentrate on winning game 3 by fixing the problems that they had tonight. They also need to keep Eager in it. True, he took bad penalties, but he possesses the physicality that the Sharks need v. the Canucks. Someone’s just gotta keep him reigned in.

    Last thing, don’t lose hope. I haven’t. I’ll be at game 3 cheering REALLY LOUDLY!!! I’ll be the fan who cheers the Sharks for years and I’ll cheer forever more. GO SHARKS!!

    • Emily Hall says:

      Oh yeah, did you hear about the “flashing” incident on Ben Eager? Maybe that’s why he took so many penalties at the end of the game:
      (censored version).

    • Mike says:

      Actually Emily, I felt downright restrained in my comments, especially after the load of negativity I unleashed after game 5 with Detroit. 🙂

      I give Marleau full props for trying to get the team going. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

      The Sharks can still salvage, and even win this series by winning game three. I agree with you 100%- I will be at the tank on Friday doing my level best to encourage the boys to get back in this thing.

    • Doug says:

      I didn’t bring up the Marleau fight because it had zero impact on the game. The Sharks actually regressed after the fight, so while we all were looking at it from a positive stand point in the moment, the Sharks didn’t rise up and support Patty’s awkward brawl.

      I’m not giving up, never have and never will and I love your fighting spirit but the fact is the Sharks are playing more like the team that has lost five out of six and not the team that won in Game Seven and is in the Conference Finals. I think that team is in there and I want to see them tomorrow night.

  2. MJ says:

    can you change the name of the podcast to “dudes on duds”?

  3. Mike says:


    Please don’t respond to MichaelJTMarleauWhateverHisNameIs. This is the person formerly known as EvilDoug, and has been banned. If you suspect a comment here was written by this person, please email us.

    Emily and Kit, I also deleted your replies- it kinda messes up the threading when I delete the root of something. For that, apologies.

    Whoever you are, don’t bother posting here any more, because I will gladly delete any comments you make as soon as you make them, including any replies to this message.

  4. Tom says:

    Wow our troll is our in force huh…

  5. MJ says:

    i hate beating on the dead horse knows as VS, but was Engblom serious when he said that snow showers are dangerous? “shards of ice can hit your eyes…” blah, blah, blah…really?

    he gets an A for douchebaggery.

  6. Ruben says:

    Hey Dudes,

    I feel ya. I agree with you guys on what the Sharks are doing well. Capitalizing on chances, good exit passes out of the zone, Jumbo has been a beast, Niemi as good of a 7 GA performance as you will get.

    A few thoughts:

    1) I think TMac is overthinking things here. You guys mentioned the 3rd line has been nonexistent, but that is literal, not figurative. For some reason, TMac has been playing Wellwood on the 4th line. Why? The Sharks are a 3 line team, breaking up your 3rd line and playing one of them on the 4th line isn’t going to change that.

    2) Staying with TMac, this dump and chase is not working. I know TMac likes to grind it out, but they really have only controlled the play when they have held onto the puck or got a lucky bounce.

    3) Where the hell is Joe Pavelski? Oh, that’s right, in Raffi Torres’s back pocket. 2nd straight year he has disappeared after the 1st round. Nothing special about taking advantage of 7 and 8 seed’s 3rd lines, we need better play from Pavs, the kind that turns Torrey Mitchell into an offensive threat.

    4) Composure. On dumps by the Canucks, the Sharks do not have it. There is a lot of slamming the puck around the boards when a soft chip to the d partner or a touch pass to a supporting forward in the slot will set up a breakout with speed. Now, when the sharks get control, they breakout well, but they have fallen apart when there is an aggresive forecheck.

    All that said, I still believe. The Canucks are a damn good team, but the Sharks are, too!

  7. Tom says:

    Just finished listening.

    I thought that was actually pretty positive actually. Appreciate you guys doing that right after the game and keeping it funny and a little positive. Its much needed in Sharkville.

    As to the game. I turned it off after it went 5-2 and I think the Sharks did also. I think everything after that point is mute in my mind. I still contend the sloppiness and turnovers in the neutral zone are what is killing the Sharks right now. Clear that issue up and I think Sharks could have had a split.

    It will also be interesting to see how the refs call the games in SJ bc so far they’ve been total homers.

    And to all: I’d really suggest not reading the NHL media. I’m pretty much done – maybe forever – reading the swill that continues to pass as sports journalism in the NHL. Canadian media is even worse.

    That’s why I appreciate this pod cast so much. Thanks again dudes!

  8. Matt Caffeine says:

    Rough game.

    I would have benched Eager after the tripping penalty. Talk about selfish. 2 minutes for trash talk was pretty weak penalty, but the game was over. If he’s going to take a penalty there, at least beat up on Luongo a bit.

    Hate to blame the reffing, but two missed 4-minute high stickings in the first period (Seto was holding a bloody rag on the bench), and the allowed goal with Burrows blocking out half the crease, and the too-many men penalties had me screaming at the TV by the end of the game. Even the gift we got from Sedin on Heatlley was a terrible call. Just bad all around.

    I agree with Tom, the “national” coverage is awful. I watched the 3rd period with the sound off. Can’t they get someone on the broadcast who isn’t completely biased?

    • Tom says:

      I think more and more what I’m seeing in the NHL is a media that is looking more to create a story than report it. “Drama” and “storylines” are often created out of thin facts to suit them, the “reporter”, rather than what the fans want.

      Beyond the national coverage during games – the NHL media seems more like the TMZ rather than a group of professional sports journalists.

      But yeah, I think versus is beyond even attempting to seem balanced.

  9. WingsFanInSharkLand says:

    To be fair, Eager’s post-goal penalty was for roughing, not trash-talking or even unsportsmanlike. I didn’t see a rough, but I thought that trash talking Luongo like that was a good move. Might as well try to get in his head for the next game. That said, I’d sit Eager in game 3 if I was McLellan.

  10. Tom says:

    If you aren’t watching, and you should be, lady nights SLNC was GREAT!


    Two things… One, I agree with Drew 100% about the McGinn hit. Clean hit – bad hit, that’s a hit he DOESN’T HAVE TO MAKE, especially in that situation. You would think he learned from the LA series. It’s a dumb penalty plain and simple. Not that it matters but I expect a one game suspension.

    Secondly… An absolutely beautiful rant by Rahn Hahn on the Anti-Thornton/Anti-Shatks BS in this episode. And about time.

    And I’m not convinced the world isn’t ending because guess who just happens to be leading the NHL Playoffs in scoring??

    Joe Thornton. 😉

    • Tom says:

      That’s “last nights SLNC” btw

    • Cyoor says:

      I agree.. Regardless of if its a hit that is a “good” hit or not, its a stupid play.. When you are up 4-1 in the last period, you dont need to skate half the zone to make a hard hit on your opponant regardless. The result can be one of the following three:
      1.) The guy can get hurt and there is a call against you.
      2.) The guy can get hurt and there is not a call against you.
      3.) The guy takes a hit and nothing more happens.
      None of those are needed when you are up 4-1. Its not like it created a scoring chanse or anything like that.. It was just a stupid hit that did nothing except hurt the guy, and thats it.

      Anyway. He didnt get a suspention for it, and thats good for him, but I still dont think he will play the next game.

      Another thing im abit confused about is the way people talk about Niemi. That he is what kept us alive during the 5-3. I mean, it was the boxplay that was good, not Niemi I think. Niemi got .900 Sv% this far in the playoffs. Thats one of 10 shots that reach the goal that goes in. The defence however blocks alot of shots, keeps the puck away from the net and plays well in general, and that what we should be happy about in my opinion. Niemi is playing ok, but what im saying is that I dont think he alone have won us any of the games thus far.

      Anyway.. The sharks look better now and I think that if they can just stay out of the penalty box, they will probably have a good shot at this series.

  11. Cyoor says:

    Please Dudes, don’t be to depressed in the next podcast please. I am depressed as it is now, and need some uplifting. =/

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