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post DOH 165 – Filler

August 25th, 2011, 10:59 pm

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Not much is happening, but the Dudes can pull topics out of their hats like magicians. ┬áPlus, there’s a bit of Sharks news.


11 Comments to “DOH 165 – Filler”

  1. Shrk2th says:

    Thanks dudes.

  2. Cyoor says:

    What happend to the poll?

  3. Sharkzilla says:

    Reguarding fights, I know it’s not the best fight but under the Staubitz fight I will always remember the Jumbo and Getzlaf fight 2 seconds into the 2009 Game 6 WCQF. Went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out.

  4. Graveland says:

    Couture is 2 years $2.75m & $3m

  5. Greg M says:

    Pity you guys didn’t wait one more day to do the podcast. Plenty of Sharks news today with the Couture signing.

    Anyway, I’m a new listener to your podcast and it’s an awesome show. Looking forward to getting deeper into it as the season progresses. Also loved your Hockey Guilty Pleasures that I started reading some others on the Puck Daddy Blog. It’s a pretty good series.

  6. Haie says:

    QUESTION FOR THE DUDES: do you think this year is the Sharks’ best shot on paper to win the Cup? If not, what other year were they looking more poised to win it all (preseason)?

    For me, the team of 08-09 was really hyped after the first couple months of the season to be the Cup favorite (that was prolly the only time I ever saw them talked about on sportcenter/espn radio) but this year with all the bargain signings and shrewd moves to fill needs, I would say I would be much more dissapointed to see a non-stanley cup playoff oust this year than in years past. Looking at the trends the last couple years of teams loading up for a run: 07 Ducks – won it; 08 Redwings – won it handedly; 09 Redwings/Penguins – Pitt barely won it but it was always gonna be either of those two; 10 Blackhawks – won it handedly; 11 Canucks – should have won it if it weren’t for unstoppable goaltending and the Horton hit; 12 Sharks/Capitals? – Caps still dont have conference finals experience and some of their stars have attitude questions. Sorry for the long post

  7. Tony K says:

    As far as the most memorable fight that i will never forget, and it took many years to find the footage of, is Dody Wood vs. Mike Grier, the man of Wood, by far my favorite Shark of all times!

  8. Tom says:

    You know what the 2nd best thing about a new hockey season is…? DUDES ON HOCKEY FANTASY LEAGUE BITCHES!!

    so, whats the good word there fellas?

    Anything special for the 3rd annual Dudes league?

    p.s. if I end in 2nd place again im gonna snap.

  9. Andy C says:

    Dudes – nice. You neatly went straight for a new poll question without discussing the results of the poll as to who had the lamer hobby!
    & while you’re at it, you seem to have lost the segment on the show where you tell eye opening stories about each other.
    Plus, if you’re looking for material, you could talk about Tottenham having 5 goals stuck past them on Sunday and being bottom of the EPL (what a shame).

    (If this sounds like I take delight at other people’s misfortune, then, yeah, I guess I have an evil sense of humour, not that I want to open that can of worms again!)

    • Ruben says:

      Yeah, I wouldn’t mind hearing a few more stories about the dudes.

      Any comments about the story about Wellwood possibly shunning the Blue Jackets and Jets for just a tryout with the Sharks? Hard to not want a guy like that on the squad.

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