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post DOH 166 – No More Filler

August 30th, 2011, 9:39 pm

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

With the Couture and other NHL news coming in, it’s back to awesome hockey. ¬†And Patrick Deggelman joins the podcast as the winner of a DOH fantasy league, which are due to start up again.


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  1. Ruben says:

    Thanks dudes for responding to the comment about Wellwood. I do agree that he would be a poor fit on a 3rd line with Handzus and Mitchell. I wonder how willing he would be to take on a 4th line role on the team, though. If you were to slot him in between some guys with some offensive skill, like Ferriero and McGinn, and play them sheltered minutes, then we might actually have a 4th line that might actually impact the game on the scoreboard. Then you move a guy like Desjardins up to the 3rd line and you have a nice defensively responsible 3rd line as well. Then you give TMac the option of rolling 3 lines depending on the score (ahead, play Handuz’s line, behind play Wellwood’s line).

    Looking forward to fantasy hockey!

  2. T-Bell says:

    Patrick Deggelman invented the shirtless mullet. He also once taught a German shepherd to bark in Spanish.

  3. MJ says:

    i vaguely remember hearing of Doug’s Mormon b-ball thuggery on one of the podcasts. i may have fallen asleep about 30 seconds in, though.

  4. Dudefromtexas says:

    i remember the basketball story haha

  5. Andy C says:

    Come on dudes, there must be some more stories from 20 years… Less time playing NHL ’11 & reading the CBA & more time coming up with a good story for next week!
    I’m offended that you think my team is West Ham – I can’t stand them. Its bad enough both my brother-in-law and my boss support them without tarnishing my good name with them. My team is Leicester City, and we weren’t relegated last year – we were relegated in 2004. But we will be back. One day. Perhaps same day the Maple Leafs make it back in the Playoffs?

    • Mike says:

      Sorry about the West Ham comment, maybe I just have West Ham on the brain because Spurs got Scott Parker, which has an awesome Sharks tie-in.

      As for the stories, we have to think of ones that are a) entertaining, b) not incriminating and c) do not humiliate/blackball close friends or family. Those are hard to come by.

      • Andy C says:

        If you’re really sorry, a DoH T-Shirt would make up for it!

        Actually, I think it would take a lot to offend me… the English soccer messageboard I frequent can be a bit vile at times (ED’s comments last week wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow on there… never quite sure how the English went about convincing the world they were a nation of gentlemen)… I’m just honoured to get a mention on the show.

        As for the stories… is anyone else waiting for the hockey season to start so there’s some games to talk about?

  6. shrk2th says:

    Wade Belak was found dead…

    this is terrible. What is going on with our NHL enforcers.

  7. Lor says:

    How about calling your fantasy football team Doug the Bounty Hunters or Doug’s Bounty Hunters – now that would be classy!

  8. Rude says:

    Dude… a fantasy name for collecting a debt? The Loan Sharks, obviously.

  9. Cyoor says:

    Im on for fantasy when you are about to start.. Make sure I get in one of the leagues.

    • Tom says:

      They’ll usually open up extra leagues if needed. If not I’m sure we can organize an extra one for everybody.

      The draft date for the dudes 1 league isn’t until the last day of September – So I think we may not see a lot of details for a while.

  10. Evilducks says:

    You guys know that Shark Circle is Evildoug right? The diatribe on Bakes should have been fairly obvious, but his new response to your podcast should make it plain. If you want to have fun, just comment and disagree with him on his articles and wait to see how long it takes him to delete it.

    If you want more attention just do what he did and twitter every hockey writer possible and ask for a retweet.

    • Tom says:

      LOL! The Anti-Doug Wilson sentiment seemed suspicious….

      • Andy C says:

        I’ve just gone over there for a read… I shouldn’t be giving his blog more publicity, but: a 2,283 word response to the Dudes show & after a bit of fun poking by Tom, another 415 words in response finishing by “we work hard”. No kidding!
        And its exactly the same MO as EvilDoug where you start reading & actually can’t physically get through without giving up. (Then the advice to “think… before deciding what to write”).
        I actually admire him for getting the boot from here and getting the blog set up and going & posting about hockey. Its just a shame he couldn’t go more than about 2 weeks before an entire blog of diatribe back at the 2 of you.
        I must confess that he does provide entertainment, even if most of it is unwittingly at his own expense!

        • Evilducks says:

          He’s gotten the boot here and several SBN blogs (like FTF). I’m certain it’s him/her though, not just style of writing, I have other evidence.

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