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post DOH 175 – Mommy, Is There Hockey in India?

November 1st, 2011, 8:05 pm

Filed under: podcast — Written by Doug

The Sharks finish up a road trip just as Mike begins his. Live on tape delay from India, Mike and Doug discuss the Sharks 5-1 east coast swing, the emergence of Joe Pavelski and preview the homestand. Enjoy this Podcast Masala, extra spicy!


3 Comments to “DOH 175 – Mommy, Is There Hockey in India?”

  1. Cyoor says:

    Thanks for taking your time to make a podcast even though you are on oposite sides of the world.
    Hope to hear another one next week with some more news from India. 🙂

  2. Andy C says:

    I second that: admirable commitment to give the listeners their weekly fix. Cheers Dudes.

    Great game cricket: any game where they can go at it for 5 days & then call it a draw because they’ve run out of time must have something going for it! A good way to sum up the difference between cricket & hockey is there if there was a stupid fan in the eyeline of the players standing up and waving to the camera they would stop play and ask her nicely to desist, while happening to cause her more than a little embarassment to the rest of the crowd. Good job Clowe was able to ignore her while making that winning SO goal last night.

    I’ve a challenge for you for next week Mike: explain the difference between a googy and a doosra in terms that a hockey fan will understand!

  3. Cyoor says:

    Join the chat tonight 🙂
    or with port 6667 #dudesonhockey

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