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post DOH 177 – Mike Is Back, and So Is John Scott

November 23rd, 2011, 11:59 pm

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The Dudes are back in the DOH studio, with some more wins to talk about, those against Chicago, Colorado, Dallas, and Detroit.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


4 Comments to “DOH 177 – Mike Is Back, and So Is John Scott”

  1. Eric says:

    Thanks dudes for responding to my email. One thing I should have clarified, I do not think that we should trade Jason Demers. My concern is that the two guys we brought in to improve upon the play of Wallin do not seem to be doing that.

    What could Nitty bring back in a trade? A mid-round pick?

  2. Cyoor says:

    I would say that anything is an improvement for Wallin, especially if you look at how much he was payed.

    As for nitty I dont think it would be a good thing to trade him right now. That would really be to sell low.
    He should atleast be back and play like 10 games with good stats before getting traded (If he should get traded at all).

  3. Tom says:

    Just to chime in… I think trading Demers might not be wise – and I fully realize I’ve suggest it. 

    However, I’m really starting to notice – as was glaringly apparent vs. Vancouver – that we cannot play with Vancouver when they start their antics. I realize Schneider was the main reason we lost that game, but we dont seem to have an answer for guys like Lapierre, Kesler and Burrows. And come playoff time it’s only gonna get worse. But , I was shocked by the lack of physical game against Vancouver. 

    I still expect any third line player on this team to have a reasonable offensive contribution… But… after Saturday night, it seemed obvious to me that the Sharks don’t have much of an alternative game plan against Vancouver – aside from peppering the net 40-50 times.

    Im not calling for panic moves and I grow increasingly concerned about our lack of prospects and picks, but I’ve even more concerned about this team being yet again – the 2nd best team in the conference.  

  4. Tom says:

    3 goals in 3 games…. :/

    I feel a losing streak coming.

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