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post Feast or Famine

November 30th, 2011, 9:13 am

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After a nice run where the Sharks managed to accumulate the best points-per-game rate of any team in the NHL, the lean times have come in two bad losses in the last two games. And frankly, if it were not for the near-goalie-steal performance of Antti Niemi against the Hawks, we’d be looking at a 3 game losing streak, disturbingly to the class of the West. I can never really decide if losing to the best teams is better to losing to the worst teams. Which is worse, irritating inconsistency (losing to Columbus) or depressing mediocrity (losing to Vancouver)?

The famine is not without casualties.  First and foremost is Justin Braun, who Pollak said “was reassigned to Worcester less than 24 hours after his misplay cost San Jose a goal in Monday’s loss.”  I suppose it’s possible that particular blunder led to his demotion, but I don’t buy it (wasn’t it Niemi’s fault more than his?).  As we’ve said on the podcast several times, Braun is a good young defenseman that you want to play early and often, and continue to develop his game.  If he’s clearly head-and-shoulders better than his offensive contemporary, Jason Demers, then you keep him in San Jose.  With Demers playing more the last few games, and Braun not playing quite as well, Braun would fall into the mixing bowl that is the 3rd defensive pair.  Which means he’s in, he’s out, he doesn’t get consistent minutes.  Which means I agree with the decision to send him East to the struggling Worchester Sharks. Lord knows they need all the help they can get over there.

The next two games might be what the doctor ordered.  Neither Montreal nor Florida are patsies, but they are not in the same conversation as Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  Doug and I are going to wait until the weekend to record the next podcast, mostly due to scheduling, but we’re hoping for a good effort against the Habs to help balance what would have likely been a negative-Nancy episode.

2 Comments to “Feast or Famine”

  1. Ruben says:

    Yeah, Niemi had a near goalie steal against the Hawks, but both Schneider and Jonathan Quick had a near goalie steal against San Jose. They played the top teams tough and held their own. I’m still pretty high on this team right now, and McGinn is quickly evolving into our own Raffi Torres. I was not high on Handzus, but the recent article on FTF by Derek has really changed my opinion on him.

    Now, with the second line clearly showing chemistry and the first looking downright dominant at times during the season, I wonder if it isn’t time for the TMac line spin cycle to shut down for a little while and let these guys get used to each other. One of the great things about the Sedins is that they have played together for years, and their movement and passing shows it. Clowe and Couture clearly play better when they are together, why separate them at times try to make a point about interchangeability when it clearly makes your team worse?

  2. shrk2th says:

    Re: Panthers ‘game’.

    What a disaster. I think a bag-skate is in order tomorrow morning at Sharks Ice.

    And while many Sharks phoned it in tonight, Colin White continues to make mistakes. I also don’t really see the physical element that he was supposed to bring. Now I’m feeling that $1M was too much for this guy…. I wasn’t a Kent Huskins hater like some. But hell, White makes Kent Huskins look like an All-Star.

    Good night, dudes!

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