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post Jiminy Christmas

December 14th, 2011, 9:11 am

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That’s a curse my dad used to use, and it applies to the Sharks’ latest streak.  There’s really nothing positive, or even productive for me to say now, so I will leave you with this, in case you haven’t seen it.  It didn’t cheer me all the way up, but it did help a little.

YouTube Preview Image
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    6 Comments to “Jiminy Christmas”

    1. Baconator says:

      Maybe they should quit making videos and work on PK and PP.

    2. Zane Newell says:

      Funny, but really bad timing with this video release. Not sure the Sharks PR people realize how pissed off us fans are right now.

    3. Ruben says:

      I highly doubt TMac cancelled a practice or something so these guys could go make a video.

      And last year they made a video, they made it to the Western Converence Finals. Maybe they should make a Valentine’s Day video to push this team over the top :-)

    4. Kind of goofy, but well done.

    5. Patrick says:

      Couture and Pavelski were hilarious. Couture especially.

    6. Andy C says:

      Poor Jamie McGinn… I’m beginning to see why he was in TMac’s doghouse for so long!

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