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post DOH 188 – So Long Ginner

February 27th, 2012, 5:40 pm

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Another trade deadline day has passed, and the Sharks are again active, trading Jamie McGinn, Michael Sgarbossa, and Mike Kennedy to Colorado for T.J. Galliardi, Daniel Winnik, and a 7th.  The Dudes talk about the trade, the worst road trip in memory, and all the other deals that happened.


6 Comments to “DOH 188 – So Long Ginner”

  1. Ruben says:

    Agree 100% with you guys, I think Daniel Winnick is the best player in that trade right now. I was pretty bummed when I heard McGinn was traded, but just like Mike I underwent a major about-face when I looked into their advanced stats.

    However, my dream of the Sharks rolling 3 scoring lines seems to be at an end. I still wonder what a Wellwood-McGinn combo would have been able to do with McGinn’s shot and Wellwood’s puck possession and passing (Wellwood is having a fantastic season, btw). The top 6 really needs to step up on offense now, as the bottom 6 will not likely be putting crooked numbers on either side of the scoreboard.

  2. bullslugg says:

    Mike Kennedy?

  3. Sharkzilla says:

    Hey there. This is off topic but I wanted to ask on this site. Why is it that whenever I check out the conference standings, whoever is in third place (which was the Sharks a few weeks back but is now the Coyotes) has the points to be in 7th place or so? Thanks

    • Ian says:

      Because winning the division guarantees you one of the top 3 seeds regardless of your actual point total. Hope that is helpful.

      Also your name freaks me out since that is the name I use on Fear The Fin, so when you post I’m like I didn’t post that lol.

      • Sharkzilla says:

        Thank Ian. That explains it. Guess I could have googled it. Sorry about the name swoop.

        • Ian says:

          No worries about the name. Its awesome. No one here the dudes or the listeners are generally not going to be jerks about providing a simple answer.

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