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post DOH 190 – The Sacrifice

March 11th, 2012, 12:56 pm

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9 Comments to “DOH 190 – The Sacrifice”

  1. James says:

    Amazing. Speechless. Lol. Etc.

    “Eat these pancakes like Dustin Penner!”

  2. Greg M says:

    So last week you talk about the length of the podcast and then this week you do an awesome 5 minute podcast where you said a lot with so little words. Fantastic.

  3. Johnny Morales says:


  4. matt_caffeine says:

    Well done. If it works, I’ll be a little scared.

  5. Rude says:

    You guys blew up Herman’s Hermits? Lol.

  6. […] We believe the universe has cursed the Sharks and we have done our part on our latest podcast to break the curse by offering a sacrifice. Yes, it has come to this… […]

  7. GShark says:

    If we make it Deep into the POs it is all about the criminal Dudes that just gave proof they commited murder to bring the Sharks to the prommised Land and to save DWs Ass.
    I think Black Magic also is not allowed according to the current CBA. Can you not just do the same thing to T.Hall & Hopkins so the effect for tonight will be even more powerfull?

  8. quck2react says:


  9. Sb says:

    Dudes, this was epic. EPIC. And the exorcism succeeded! Thanks to you, the Sharks are no longer cursed. Now they merely stink.

    On the bright side, your best shows are the salty ones.

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