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post DOH 194 – Sharks vs. Blues 1

April 9th, 2012, 9:56 pm

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The Sharks have made it into the playoff by winning their last four games, the two against the Kings in a wildly entertaining fashion.  But now they face the Blues in the first round, without beating them all year.


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  1. Steve says:

    Before I get called a hater let me state — I have owned Sharks season tickets for 5 seasons, travel to see them play on road trips once or twice a season and am a fan of the team.

    HOWEVER — I want to point out that the LA Kings are by no means a threat to anyone in the playoffs. Sure, they aren’t a horrible team, but they are not expected to get past the first round. Yet, the Sharks seem to struggle with them.

    Sadly, I am predicting (even contacted my bookie and out money on it) that it will be the Sharks losing in the first round game 6.

    • Ian says:

      My heart always says the Sharks will win, my mind… that’s another story. So I don’t think that makes you a hater.

      That being said, GO SHARKS!

    • Ruben says:

      Well, betting against your team probably does make you a hater, but there is no doubt that the Blues have performed better this year than the Sharks.

      However, LA is a very good team, I would say a top 10 team in the league. There are plenty of good arguments why the Sharks face an uphill battle, their performance in 2 games against the Kings (in which they won the game) is probably not on that list.

  2. Tom says:


    You know I love the podcast and respect your opinions’… But I have to say you guys sounded out right scared of St. Louis. 

    I realize they’re the higher seed, have played well all year, and there are other reasons to favor them in this series. But, I really can’t give them the edge over San Jose. I could be totally wrong and they could go on a run and win the whole thing, but I think they haven’t done a thing to earn they respect their getting and the fear this fan base seems to have of them. I think we did well in drawing them over Vancouver and maybe even Chicago. 

    I liken them to LA. So many people have been ready to crown the Kings the too dogs in the division for a couple years now. Yet, they haven’t won a division title or a playoff series. 

    Now I realize the Blues did win their division but i think they have a ways to go before I give them that kind of respect. If they beat the Sharks then yeah, I think they’ll have earned it. But until then I cannot logically believe they’re anything other than a good team that has over achieved. And that’s my head speaking – not my heart.

    I think the experience of SJ will win out and their inexperience will rattle the Blues. 

    I’m saying Sharks in 6. 

    • Andy C says:

      I’ve heard a bit of debate on the subject of playoff experience (and especially having a playoff win under the belt), and some good comparisons to the Blues are the BJs of a couple of years ago & Phoenix in the last couple of years – both of who got in, but didn’t believe they were capable of going all the way. (Facing Detroit probably didn’t help either admittedly).

      The stat I like the best is that 7 of the 8 teams in the WC playoffs were in last year as well. Anaheim didn’t make it, but the new boys looking nervously around the room are the Blues and looking at it from their point of view, and the last thing they would have wanted was to face was one of the 4 teams with a lot of victories under their belts in the last few years of Chi/SJ/Van/Det. If anyone is going to be scared, I agree with Tom, it should be them, not us.

      • Ruben says:

        You guys know me, I am all over the advanced stats and my impression is that they are saying that the Blues are better but it is much closer than most experts are making it.

        Still, I’m going in another direction and am looking at the coaching. I agree fully with Mike that the Blues are the product of playing a system very well. This is the series that TMac and crew have to earn their paychecks, as they have to figure out how to crack the code and put a more talented Sharks team in a position to have their talent carry the day.

        I also think this was the best matchup for the Sharks’s top line. Backes is very good, but he isn’t Toews or the Sedins or Datsyuk, at least not yet. I am predicting this series going to 7 games, with Thornton leading the way with 10 points. I also think the 4th line is going to score a few of big goals. Niemi will have a sub 910 SV %, but a sub 2.20 GAA due to the Sharks playing a more methodical game that slows the game down and doesn’t play into any easy counter attacks.

  3. Rnady says:

    Are you guys serious? The regular season and the post season are two different games ENTIRELY. The Blues are coming off of an end-of-regular-season losing streak. The Sharks are just now starting to play hockey (for the first time this season) and they are firing on all cylinders.

    Ummm… I would not be so quick to write these fellows off. I like the underdog here. The Sharks are scrappy, and when they come out to play… man can they play!

    I predict they take the Blues out.

    • Cyoor says:

      Well Vancouver won the presidents trophy some points ahead of St. Louis.
      The kings beat Vancouver away yesterday.
      San Jose have beaten the kings in the two last games that were much like playoff games and they also finnished in front of the kings in the standings.
      So… If the Kings can beat Vancouver away, why wouldnt San Jose be able to beat St. Louis?

      Still I think there are a couple of things that needs to go right:
      * Niemi need to play good.
      * Coture need to come back and score.
      * Clowe needs to be who he was the last season and make St. Louis pay for everything they do while playing well.
      * Marleau need to do be the playoff guy he have been in the past and do something for once.

  4. NVS says:

    I agree that the regular season and post season are two different animals. Anything can happen in the playoffs, yes. We all know that cliche, but you can’t ignore the facts from the 4 match-ups with St. Louis this season only to focus on a few good games against lower-seeded and non playoff teams at the end of the regular season.

    The Sharks’ game this year has been largely inconsistent. Can they beat St. Louis? I think so. Will they? I have no idea, but it’s gonna be fun to watch.

  5. Shrk2th says:

    OK now lets hear a new podcast pronto….
    ’cause it might be the only upbeat moment you’ll get!!

  6. Andy C says:

    Only 1 game played in each series, but if they all end this way, it will be Sharks v Red Wings in the 2nd round. Just saying…

    • Cyoor says:

      Detroit lost their first game.

      • Andy C says:

        Yeah – stayed up a bit late to catch some of the game, so wasn’t quite with it this morning! But that Detroit matchup for the 3rd year in a row would need wins for LA & Phoenix which looked a long shot at the start.

  7. Tom says:

    This series really reminds me of the series vs the Avs two years ago. And I have to say I’m not all that impressed with this Blues team. I don’t think they’re as good as advertised. Yes, they play better with the lead – all the more reason not to own goal yourself and give them said lead to start the game… and subsequently set the tone for the whole game. 

    But, even with that I thought SJ looked better in this game. They dominated in stages. The Blues just eventually turned the rest of this game into a big scrum and after the PP goal – it was game over…

    I can’t wait to see how the Blues do against a rocking HP Pavillion. 

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