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post DOH 195 – Sharks and Blues, Tied at 1

April 15th, 2012, 4:58 pm

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The Sharks win game 1 in double OT, but get beat fairly badly in St. Louis in game 2.  But the Sharks have home ice for games 3 and 4, so Mike and Doug talk about the keys to winning those games.  Also, there is so much good hockey going on, and other Round 1 stories to talk about.


4 Comments to “DOH 195 – Sharks and Blues, Tied at 1”

  1. Hateseed says:

    In terms of fisticuffs, I would argue that 5/8 playoff series are completely out of control. The league office has utterly failed to curtail the violence and has inconsistently enforced not just what their standard in the regular season was, but the most baseline level of protection the players must be provided. This mostly started with the Weber hit and went out of control with the Dubinski misconduct for trying to pull a goon off one of his players who was getting pummeled while unable to defend himself. Not to mention the Neil shenanigans or end-of-game classless instigation at the end of the Blues/Sharks game. Up 3-0, 2 seconds left, better start a fight…

    I fucking love playoff hockey, but honestly I am bored by most of these series right now because of all the “exciting” fighting. It’s bad for the players, league and sport. I blame the league and officials though, if they would call the games and suspend the suspension-worthy, none of this would be happening. I’m pretty appalled.

    I’m half hoping the Sharks goon-out in game 3 and half disgusted by it. Hitchcock’s comments after the game are essentially begging Clowe to fight Pollock. I’m really annoyed with this team right now. The sharks aren’t blameless, in fact under the rules that SHOULD be enforced, Burns should be suspended a game right now. That said, there were at least 5 incidents from game 2 which were worse.

    I wish they’d take it down a couple notches and just play the fucking game.

    • Ruben says:

      While I do think the playoffs have been pretty exciting, I have to agree that the playoffs seem more violent this year, which shouldn’t be what anybody wants. It is not a good day when a pacifist like me is begging for Winchester to get in the lineup and square up with Pollock.

      I also agree that the officiating has been spotty. I have been more upset with the rampant interference on dump-ins and non-stop slashing and cross-checking which only serves to decrease the effectiveness of skill players, but there have been a few games where the refs have lost control. The former will not change, the latter hopefully will.

      • Ian says:

        You know its funny, and I’m not directing this at anyone here nor am I advocating for the craziness that has been going on to continue but at the start of the season when Shanahan was dropping huge suspensions a lot of the more vocal talking heads where screaming that people where afraid to hit and now those same people are now talking about how the game is out of control. I don’t envy Shanahan and company they truly have a thankless job. Lets hope now that people are starting to sit some of the shenanigans will tone it down a notch.

  2. jnautique says:

    Dudes –

    Couple of questions for you as we sit here “on the brink”.

    1. Does it look like Nemo is really pressing to much and not playing good positional hockey? Seems like he is sliding past the post when he pushes from side to side a lot. Classic example last night where if he waits a quarter of a second more, he can easily bat the puck away without lunging and having the stupid puck roll off his back!

    2. I’ve not been impressed with the trade giving away McGinn and would consider it a bust. What was the last good pre-playoff trade that the Sharks made?

    Bonus question –
    Why is Tommy Wingles the only one on the sharks willing to take the puck hard to the net?

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