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post DOH 196 – Slightly Calmer, Not Any Happier

April 30th, 2012, 8:39 pm

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After more than a week to reflect, Mike and Doug don’t have the raw emotion anymore, but the initial reaction still stands. ┬áThe Dudes talk about the coaching staff, T-Mac, the inevitable Patrick Marleau bashing, and other changes that might take place.


3 Comments to “DOH 196 – Slightly Calmer, Not Any Happier”

  1. Ruben says:

    Thanks again for the podcast, dudes. I have to admit, I disagree with pretty much everything except for the thoughts on Niemi, but with the roller coaster ride this team has been on for the past decade and being so-close-yet-so-far-away, I certainly can’t disagree with the frustration. For a couple of guys who are usually more even keeled, I am surprised by the reliance on anectodal evidence (the Niners and Giants were emotional and helped them win? But what about teams like the Spurs, Yankees, Red Wings, and Cardinals when they won? Those teams were not exactly emotional teams. Hell, the Niners got beat by Eli Manning, the Patrick Marleau of football!!!!).

    In the end, though, all the advanced stats that showed the Sharks being a good puck possession team and actually an average team on the PK at preventing shots and an elite team on the PP and unluckly blah blah blah didn’t help them much this year. Unlike the Kings, whose regression to the mean (and then some) is coming at the exact right time, the Sharks are now simply a team that underperformed…

  2. MJ says:

    i agree with you guys on every point.

    i think mclellan is passionate about winning, just not sure if he has the right tools to get it done.

    wilson is clearly willing to clean house at any level if/when necessary to go all the way. i don’t expect that to change….with or without the sharks.

    player complacency has been my answer to “what’s wrong with the sharks?” for the longest time now. i’m not willing to change my philosophy at this point.

    • James says:

      Great podcast. I agree – Tmac, Niemi, Marleau should be on the bubble. I think Niemi could be moved relatively easily. He has won a cup, been to 2 conf finals, and been in the playoffs every year of his young career. I’d think a team like Columbus or Tampa could use that experience. Tmac and Marleau are bigger issues. As you point out, there is no obvious coaching candidate in the wings. And Marleau’s contract is pretty big plus has that no-trade clause. Drama!

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