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May 17th, 2012, 8:52 am

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Sorry, looks like the podcast isn’t going to happen this week.  Doug has some terrible excuse, like caring for a brand new small person that constantly cries and demands attention, furthering the human race.  My own reason is much more noble- I ate a lot of bacon this morning and feel sleepy.  I’m going to try and get Doug to post something at his most sleep-deprived, which should be entertaining.  I’m hoping for a new episode early next week.

Suggestions for topics always welcome, either here in the comments, or through Twitter or email.

6 Comments to “Sorry We Suck”

  1. david y says:

    Dudes, as bad as it is being kicked out of the playoffs how depressing will it be if the kings win the cup !! Will success up the road trigger any further changes at the sharks ? It feels like this was the year that could have been and everybody should should be feeling way too sick to even get to the golf course. Will a kings victory trigger a blowing up the team ?

  2. hateseed says:

    Beating LA twice to end the regular season was our mistake honestly. Beast-mode ever since.

    One possible topic for the next cast: speedy wingers. who do we want, who might actually be available (for reasonable/lofty return as far as I’m concerned).

  3. MJ says:

    i’m not allowed to have bacon anymore. tell me, is it still wonderful?

  4. jbardet says:

    how can one explain the kings’ run? Obviously Quick has been amazing, but what he hell. it just seems random now who gets hot in the playoffs and who does not.

    who could have expected st louis getting swept and their goaltending go to shit? I kinda dont get it at all. I think the game today is all about a good team creating its own luck. And Dustin Brown, apparently.

  5. jbardet says:

    oh and congrats, doug, mayor of crazy town.

  6. Cyoor says:

    Something you could talk about in the next episode could be the world championship where for example Canada got beaten by Slovakia, Sweden getting beaten by the czechs, USA getting beaten by the Fins and so on. Sup with that?

    Btw.. You got caught on camera this morning:

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