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post DOH 202 – A Quiet Draft Day For Once

June 26th, 2012, 8:16 am

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

Mike and Doug break down all the trades and goings-on of the NHL draft, and take a look at the top UFAs.


10 Comments to “DOH 202 – A Quiet Draft Day For Once”

  1. sfshark says:

    It’s progressively becoming a young man’s game, don’t be surprised if Hertl debuts in the 13-14 season, and could possibly have an outside chance at this year turning heads at this years camp. The former route is much more likely but either way I expect him to be a steal who will have people forgetting any questions about his skating ability (his major knock against) by the time he suits up in teal.

  2. Tom says:

    My greatest fear with Winnik is that some team is gonna sweep in on July 1st, if he’s still there, and go all Manny-Malhotra and throw like 3m x2 years at him and lure him away. 

    And then Jamie McGinn scores 25-30 goals next year.. ????

    • Tom says:

      And now it looks more likely, at least the first part…

      via twitter:

      “@PollakOnSharks: Hearing we shouldn’t expect #sjsharks to sign any of their UFAs before Sunday. Means Winnik, Mitchell, Winchester among those in play.”

      I’m not going to be happy if we lose Winnik after giving up Jamie Mcginn.

  3. hateseed says:

    Puck Daddy article about Doan testing free-agency. And while he may be one of, if not the most likely free-agent to stay with his club, it certainly raises eyebrows since at least in theory, The Sharks are of one of a handful of clubs he might consider reviewing an offersheet from: Sharks, Avs, Det, maybe Nash, maybe an LA team (/wrists).

  4. Tom says:

    Um, why is the Sharks org acting like we’re all gonna be dazzled by this signing? It’s Adam Burrish… And? You overpaid for a 4th line depth guy… And?  We took two steps back and one step forward – nothing has changed. Wait, who are our assistant coaches again? What’s being done to address our abysmal PK again? 
    God I hope this isn’t their answer to fixing our PK or losing Daniel Winnik.

    I realize it’s early but fuck, Adam Burrish?

    • shark2th says:

      The assistant coaches haven’t been identified yet. But I feel and understand your angst.

      However, I like this signing of Adam Burish.

      No, I don’t expect him to be the savior for SJ, but it’s a good start to create a new team identity. Think about last season, especially the playoffs. Where was the passion for San Jose!? Especially during the playoffs, the Sharks were not playing for each other. If they did, Braun and Moore wouldn’t have suffered the beatings in game 2 with NO retaliaton. Gm 3 was a joke.

      I loved where Burish was quoted as saying if he was Shark and the media and others were blaming Thornton, he’d be pissed off. And that’s coming from a 3rd/4th line player.

      That tells me he is taking ownership for helping the team to do whatever it takes to be successful. Such as the occasional score, but more importantly, killing off penalties; “Doug talked a little bit about it, just how he wants to have a different mentality and different attitude,” Burish said. “Kind of like, we’re going to go at you and we’re not going to give you too much respect. We’re not going to be scared going out there on the penalty kill. We’re going to take away your time and space, and we’re going to be aggressive.”

      Plus, Burish has the endorsement of Pavelski, who said; “He’s not going to let anyone take the night off, and that’s the biggest thing. You have to work every night and every day to get better, and he brings that attitude, which is great.”

      If that’s not good enough, Burish called Chris Pronger “the biggest idiot in the league” after the 2010 finals in which his Blackhawks defeated Pronger’s Flyers.

      …what’s not to love?

      And finally, I am not a Patrick Marleau hater. But I say, strip Patty of the “A” and give it to Adam Burish.

      And that’s my .02 cents. So where my dudes at?

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