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post DOH 204 – Two More Big Signings

July 10th, 2012, 7:17 pm

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It’s the middle of the summer, but the Sharks news is abundant- two more assistant (or associate) coaches have been signed- Larry Robinson and Jim Johnson.  The Dudes break that down, talk about free agents still available, and the various signings that happened in the past week.


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  1. Slappy_SEZ says:

    In Semin’s defense: That *CAN’T* be an easy thing . . . to be a talented Russian player — on ‘Alexei Ovechkin’s Washington Capitals’.

    I remember watching 24/7 that year WSH visited PIT for The Winter Classic. OV was hob-nobbing w/ . . . Kovalchuck(?) . . . and Semin comes sauntering out of the locker-room — presumably to go home for the day/evening. OV is laughing it up and fetches Semin — to join in their Ruskie confab.

    Semin’s face says it all: “Oh, fuck. Seriously? Did you not see me walking the other way, OV? I do not wish to consort w/ you d-bags . . . ” An’ so on an so forth

    Granted — that incident is so minor — one might even call it a NON-incident. HOWEVER . . . it is emblematic of the CASUAL ATTITUDE . . . with which Ovechkin is known to conduct himself (at work).

    I believe Semin wants to win a Stanley Cup. I believe he would flourish amongst a TEAM atmosphere . . . as opposed to “The OV Big-Top”. He could be headed North-of-the-Boarder.

    MY best guess(?) . . . . OTTAWA.

    Doan(?) YES. Morrow(?) Nooooooo(!!!))

    I enjoy the 50+ min run-time. In fact, I regard it as . . . ‘a standard run-time for most podcasts’.

    • Cyoor says:

      I agree on the podcast time. Most podcasts I liten to is about one hour.
      Its really great that there is abit more content now so this podcast comes up to 50+ min atleast. 🙂

  2. Slappy_SEZ says:

    HERTL is (was?) attending(attended?) Prospect Camp, too. That whom *I* would most like to watch skate . . . amongst others (Hamilton).

  3. Patrick says:

    What about Semin to Detroit? They’ve got Datsyuk for the Russain connection, plus tons of Europeans. If I’m Ken Holland, after missing out on everyone else, I think I’d take a chance on Semin and hope the Datsyuk/Zetteberg leadership and work-ethic rub off on him.

    • Tom says:

      I’m seriously shocked Detroit hasn’t snatched him up yet. That leads me to believe he’s going to the KHL. I hope he does for our sake, cause I think he’d be great with Datsyuk.

  4. Patrick says:

    Regarding DW’s trades, I don’t really agree that Ottawa just took out our trash for Heatley. That’s sadly true for Cheech, but Michalek was consistently scoring around 60 points, and we gave up a 2nd rounder.

    Dan Boyle has the 7th highest cap hit among defensemen. I know you guys love him, but it’s hard to argue that his contract is below market value. It’s less than $500k below Campbell, which everyone thought was an absurd contract.

    And, as you noted, Rick Nash has put up similar numbers to Pavs at a way higher price. He has the 5th highest cap hit in the whole league.

    I guess it still seems weird to me that DW wants to avoid those contracts in free agency, but will give up young assets for them via trade. Maybe the key difference is that those aren’t the 12 year contracts that taper off at the end to lower the cap hit. Those seem to be the ones that the big names want, and those are the ones DW has spoken out against.

    And Doug, your point is well taken that iin fact he has aggressively targeted some high profile free agents, they’ve just chosen to sign elsewhere.

    • Slappy_SEZ says:

      Agreed. Ottawa received good value for a player (“Heater”) whom **specified his desires to leave.

      Yeah. What happened w/ Cheechoo is a shame. Still, he had his moment(s) in the sun. More so than a *slew* of other hockey players . . . Hockey is a violent game. Even today’s watered-down iteration.

  5. Ruben says:

    Thanks for the podcast, guys. Amazing that a) you guys can find intersting things to talke about for an hour, and b) that all of us have an insatiable appetite for all things hockey.

    I guess when it comes to Marleau, actor Gary Johnston in Team America says it best… “maybe feelings are feelings because we can’t control them.”

    Though I wonder if the dudes’ heads would explode if the Sharks, despite all their talk about toughness, went out and got Alexander Semin. And if the Sharks won a cup with Semin AND Marleau, would everyone in the copy-cat NHL go out and find the “softest,” most “gutless” players for their teams?!?!? That would be awesome.

  6. Slappy_SEZ says:

    Let’s not be naive about this: J.R. was *LOOKING* to ’cause a stir’ w/ his comment concerning Marleau. That’s *WHY* he repeated himself . . . after it garnered some attention the first time around.

    Roenick – though an excellent player in his day – does *NOT* have “the gift of gab”. Granted: He is still NEW at the television game; but, thus far . . . he’s been LESS-than ‘ordinary’.

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