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post DOH 206 – Sharks Don’t Get Nash, Weber

July 25th, 2012, 6:13 am

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Still plenty of things to talk about, as Doug and Mike discuss the Nash trade to the Rangers, the Shea Weber offer sheet, and the departure of Daniel Winnik, all driven by listener emails.


13 Comments to “DOH 206 – Sharks Don’t Get Nash, Weber”

  1. James says:

    The wheels have come off for DW. Roster needs a makeover this off-season. They were a borderline playoff team last year. Unless they make some major moves quick, that will be the result this year as well.

    Just think: the 3rd line this year could have been McGinn-Winnik-Burish. Plus the possibility of swapping in Pavs for a little more offense.

    If McGinn scores 20 goals this year for the Avs that trade will be the worst of DW’s GM career.

    • hateseed says:

      What if Galiardi scores 20?

    • evilducks says:

      I know McGinn had a bit of a breakout year last year.

      But we need to remember he’s not good defensively. The year before, despite tons of games played, he had all of 1 goal.

      I like McGinn, but I don’t really believe he’ll be a 20 goal scorer.

      • Ruben says:

        I agree, ED.

        If this is considered one of the worst trades in DW’s history, with us getting a very good 3rd liner for 2 months who turned our 4th line into our 3rd line, along with a moderate upside guy in Galiardi for two marginal prospects and a guy who had a hot 1/2 season playing cush minutes on the 3rd line, it seems like a pretty good resume for DW.

        • GfaninSF says:


          Who says they are marginal prospects? I don’t think the Avs targeted them, and traded two roster players on a deadline where Paul Gaustad went for a #1 pick, for nothing.

          Idk anything about Mike Connelly, but Michael Sgarbossa won the OHL scoring title I think, and from watching streams of the sharks prospect games, Sgarbossa was the mvp of all the Sharks prospects.

          Of course sometimes the best player at 18 years old is not the one who projects to be the best NHL player, we will have to wait to see, Im not the best at projecting into the future. But Sgarbossa at this point in his development was the Sharks best prospect, and after the prospect games, Sgarbossa was at the main camp the first week before the Sharks sent him back to junior to develop more, but he even scored in the game with the big boys, the gwg I think.

          At the time of the trade when I was on twitter there were some sharks fans really high on Sgarbossa too. I would not discount him.

          • Ruben says:

            Well, Hockey Futures says they are marginal prospects. Sgarbossa is seen as a 2nd-3rd line tweener as his ceiling. He is the 6th best center in COL’s farm system, and eyeballying the ratings, probably not even a top 10 prospect. He isn’t even considered as good as Tommy Wingels in prospect land, he is more like a Brandon Mashinter. And to say Sgarbossa was the Shark’s best prospect is not true. Both Freddie Hamilton and Matt Nieto were and are considered better prospects.

            Of course, that is not to say Sgarbossa has no chance. I only mean to discount Sgarbossa the amount that it seems the NHL scouting community is, which is to say he is seen as someone who has maybe a 70% chance to be TJ Galiardi. So we traded two guys who might become TJ Galiardi and McGinn for TJ Galiardi and 2 months of Winnick (IMO, a stud 3rd liner and marginal 2nd liner who is a dynamo PKer). Maybe they both turn into Joe Pavelski, who knows. But right now, everything I have read fmo those without teal-colored glasses and who actually follow this stuff suggests they are both marginal prospects.

        • GfaninSF says:

          If anyone is interested, I just found this cool link, its a replay of the Sharks young stars prospect game against the calgary flames from either last year or the year before, and it has Sgarbossa in it. He matched Sven Baertschi in the game and Baertschi showed he could do it in the NHL last season so I think Sgarbossa has the stuff too.
          Thats the link no guarantee it will work because the NHL videocenter doesnt always work. But if the link doesnt work you can just search michael sgarbossa into the video search bar and make sure you check the videos box and not the highlight box down to the right, and the game will show there.

  2. Slappy_SEZ says:

    For me — the whole idea of being “a McGinn fan” is completely bogus. He was the consummate under-achiever in San José.
    You’re *assuming* he was a good locker-room guy, too.

    Now that Winnik has signed — are we gonna keep crying over spilled milk (EVERY WEEK) . . . OR can we ‘get over it’ already???

    . . . ‘Out of the FUCKIN”. The quote from RESERVOIR DOGS . . . is “Out of the FUCKIN’ blue” . . .

  3. evilducks says:

    Thanks for reading my email.

    Like I said, I’m not a fan of Bouwmeester, but he wouldn’t be bad as a middle pairing guy. He’s obviously no replacement for Boyle.

    The idea being that we put the top responsibility on Burns and Vlasic and have somebody with some ability to move the puck with Stuart on the second pair. I think Bouwmeester is probably available and pickings for a top 4 guy are slim.

    Yes, the thought of it makes me sick too. I don’t get why we would trade far and away our best guy on the blue ine.

  4. Tom says:

    My 2 cents:

    The McGinn trade was ballz. I didn’t like it from day one because I thought the Avs got the best player in the deal and two good prospects. But, it’s not the worst move ever made either. It was a swing and miss and clearly got worse after Winnik walked. I can’t ever fault a GM for trying – that’s his job. I think both ends of the spectrum of opinions though are too severe in this case.

    • Ruben says:

      Well, I guess long term they got the best player, now that the Sharks don’t have Winnik. But I think Winnik was the best player in that deal. Had the Sharks retained him, I think the trade is a clear win for the Sharks. I know McGinn scored 8 goals for the Avs and Winnick only scored 3 for the Sharks after the trade, but considering MCGinn played easier zone starts with better teammates and still gave up more goals against per 60 minutes than Winnik (and Im pretty sure CORSI isn’t evne close between the two with the same caveats), I think Winnik was the big fish in the deal and it was very disappointing to see him go to Anaheim.

      But, grading the trade with hindsight, TJ Galiardi + WInnik for two months isn’t exactly a great haul for a cost controlled McGinn and the other pieces. As I commented on above, I think people are way overvaluing the prospects involved (at least at this point, but as Mike said, what if the Sharks get another Demers or even Paveski with that rd 7, does that change things?), but I can’t say the Sharks are better today because of that trade.

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