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post Sorry, It’s Doug’s Fault

October 26th, 2012, 11:24 am

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I was all set to record last night, but Doug had to back out.  I refuse to accept his pitiful excuse that he has a busy life, a demanding job, and a loving family.

We’ll be back next week.

13 Comments to “Sorry, It’s Doug’s Fault”

  1. Greg M says:

    Maybe it’s for the best, considering today’s news. Not much news in the Hockey world in regards to the Lockout for probably a month.

  2. leonard says:

    I am thinking that players union blew it. 50/50 with 82 games was a good offer. The sticky point was already signed balloon contracts. How many and what type of players would get affected? it’s top 1% of the richest players. And mot of these players have found temporary jobs overseas, so they are hurting the least.
    if the average player’s career is 10-15 years, not playing a year is 10% salary cut.
    doing it twice within a decade is insane. as history shows, their previous stand-off for a year amounted to very little – players cave in. they will do it again because time is not on their side.

    • James says:

      Agreed. If the entire season is missed, the owners/Bettman will make the players pay for it with a harsher deal. Deja-vu. Regarding the few ballooned contracts, keep in mind that the highest profile, best-paid players have the ear of the Fehr brothers. We always see all stars standing behind Fehr when he speaks publicly. I blame the owners and Bettman for the start of the lockout, but feel the players are naively extending it at a cost for employees of arenas, NHL organizations, and the average NHL player.

      • Patrick says:

        Sooooooo much bad/misinformation in these two posts.

        The “sticky” point may be balloon contracts, but the owners offer would still be a 12% immediate pay cut to all contracts.

        In all but a few cases, the contracts for the European leagues barely cover the insurance players have to take out on their NHL contracts.

        The NHLPA negotiating committee consists of 31 players, including such superstarts as Craig Adams, Adrian Aucoin, Mathieu Darche, Manny Malhotra, Daniel Winnik, Douglas Murray, etc. etc. etc. The only All Stars I see on the list are Weber, Zetteberg, Tavares, Doan, Dubinsky, Goligoski, and Backes.

        • Leonard says:

          by not playing a year, most of players loose at least 12% of overall sum they would make over their career . Actually, it would be more because i bet the revenue that league will generate after being shut-down for another year will certainly be less if it was going uninterrupted.
          And players will take a cut in the end, just like last time. However, since Sharks have been steadily slipping into irrelevance with their performance and not too many prospects, it does not hurt as much as for LA fans.

  3. dmitry says:

    That’s how it starts…. 🙂

  4. Slappy_SEZ says:

    Presumably Doug was watching the GIANTS kick bottom in the World Series. I’d not point to that as ‘a fault’.

  5. Tom says:

    Ryane Clowe to possibly sign with SF Bulls?! wow..

    And yes in my book Doug gets at least a week to celebrate our second championship in three years… unreal…

    • Tom says:

      oops.. one more comment on that..

      I wonder if anyone thinks that if Clowe does indeed sign with the Bulls that other Sharks might join him? If I was a Sharks player and I had a family, I wouldn’t want to go across the country let alone across the globe.

      Oh the possibilities… Boyle, Marleau, Burns??

  6. Ian says:

    If the Winter Classic truly does get cancelled on Friday than any remote sliver of hope I had for seeing Hockey this season dies with it.

    • Ian says:

      Well NHL hockey anyway, I hope to take in a bunch of Greyhound games in the OHL even if they are mediocre at best this year.

  7. Patrick says:

    I wish there were some sort of centralized resource/movement to apply public pressure to the owners. For example:

    – comprehensive list of their other businesses/venues/revenue streams
    – contact info for high-profile sponsors

    I don’t have time to dig up that info, but if somebody else did the heavy lifting I would certainly sign a few petitions or send a few letters to sponsors, or boycott whichever businesses of the owners I may currently use.

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