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post DOH 226 – Depression

March 13th, 2013, 8:19 pm

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The poor play continues, and Mike and Doug are just about fed up with it all.  Very few positives to see, and clearly the fanbase is getting restless.  Is it time for a complete rebuild?


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  1. James says:

    Nice podcast guys. Disappointing times, but no obvious solutions. Wondering if Robinson would be willing to take over the head coach job for the rest of the season.

  2. Slappy_SEZ says:

    Burns played Forward whilst with Minnesota. I’m fairly certain this counts as ‘having NHL experience’ (at said position).

    Look it up next time, before running you mouth, Jerky.

    [I did not need to look it up. I’m a Hockey Fan.]

    • Mike says:

      Your pompous and superior attitude is much appreciated!

      I finally did find confirmation that he played in the NHL as a forward. Pollak said he was converted to defense in the Wild organization, not that he played as forward for the Wild. He’s listed as a defensemen in his first NHL game. Jason Bourne linked to one article written by Mike Russo, apparently Burns played as a forward on Thursday November 15 2008 against the Pens. I don’t personally remember that game, but I guess you do.

      I stand corrected. Although he’s marked on the official box score as a defenseman.

      • hateseed says:

        I think the Burns at forward was a joke too, but I think it was/is to get him on the ice to get up to “game-speed” before putting him on the back end and directly leading to 2 goals and a loss again like earlier this season. He is a D, and will be a D but they wanted to ice him before giving him top-4 minutes again. He could have ice danced all game and it would have been a “win”, and lo and behold he scored. /shrug

  3. Patrick says:

    Dudes – your pessimism really bummed me out.

    I look at it this way: last year they were in a similar situation – fighting for a playoff spot. Only last year they were scoring goals, and couldn’t play defense or kill penalties. This year they’re playing very good defense, killing penalties extremely well, and can’t score.

    Which situation would you rather have? I would for sure rather have a solid D, and trust this corps of (very talented) offensive players to figure it out.

    Advocating a total rebuild is akin to selling this team at its lowest possible value. I’m almost positive you guys made a similar case for breaking up the Ducks both during and after last season, and they turned things around pretty quickly without a lot of big changes.

    The Sharks WILL figure this out, and it starts tonight with the Kings. Mark it down.

  4. Tom says:

    I agree and disagree about Burns. It was desperate – but what else would could they do? I thought he looked great. And just a quick correction, Burns ended up playing with Jumbo and Couture on the top line the last half of the game. It looks like he’s starting tonight vs LA there as well.

    I’m not expecting lightning in a bottle here but you never know. I think the Sharks are mostly struggling from a total drop off in talent after our top 4 forwards. After Joe, Patty, Pavs and Logan, there just isn’t anyone that can play well consistently.

    I also under stand the frustration and at this point if DW blew it up at least it’s movement. Right now we’re stagnant and that the hardest part for me.

  5. James says:

    Post-Ducks loss quotes:

    “I think we’re going to try and focus on the positives.” – Marleau

    “It’s just sports. Things are going to happen.” – Thornton

    Ah, leadership.

    • Tom says:

      I want to be carefull here and not say something rash… but my frustration and disgust is at an all-time high with this team.

      They played well in spurts last night but this team just simply cannot put together 60 mins of consistsent and sustained play. They are SO FAR from being the “elite team” that DW claims they are it’s not even funny. Why it’s a question to anyone whether or not to start rebuilding is beyond me…

      That said, even though I agree James with your sentiment about Patty and Joe… I cant find a lot of fault in their play right now. I’m looking squarely at Ryane Clowe, Joe Pavelski, Marty Havlat, Michael Handzus, and many many others. Right now Couture, Marleau and Thornton are the ONLY forwards producing (im not really counting Burns…). If not the fact that the D are finally chipping in, we would have only scored our obligitory one goal last night…

      This is ridiculous.

      On an aside – How friggin good is Matt Irwin looking right now. As far as Im concerned he’s clearly better than Demers and Braun and even Murray at this point. I think he’s clearly earned his spot on this team for at least the rest of the year – unless of course DW doesn’t want the “losing” disease to spread on to one his bright young players at this point.

    • Patrick says:

      Both taken out of context.

  6. Tom says:

    WOW… just got this from HF boards… Marty McSorely on the Jeff Blair show yesterday with a quick conversation about the Sharks, Ryane Clowe and DW… (I know the source isnt the most unbiased)

    McSorely is VERY critical of DW… essentially thinks the culture needs to change not ness. the players. Says he likes Tmac though… McSorely and the host both found it very strange that DW doesnt travel with the team and is essential “not around”.

    McSorely says the team calls him “The Senator”….!

    Says DW has been WAY too soft on the players and makes things too easy for them. Seems to think that in the case of Clowe, would be a much better player on a team that holds him accountable to be his best every night…

    Very interesting.–The-Jeff-Blair-Show—March-18—11am.mp3

  7. MJ says:

    hockey christmas will come early for sharks fans this year. hope santa brings us everything on our list…….again.

    • James says:

      Great post. Thank you. The Sharks convo starts around 20:14. Interesting argument by McSorley. The “culture” is definitely wrong. But who’s to blame … ?

  8. Nick says:

    Long time no post, but here it is. A poll question of sorts.

    What is more to blame for the lack of offense?
    1. The T-Mac system. Successful and talented players from within (Pavs, Jumbo, Clowe, Marleau) and brought in/exited from the organization (Heatley, Havlat, McGinn, Winnik) have shown significant decline in production and offensive ability in this system. It’s shoot from anywhere approach simply doesn’t create the right, high-quality scoring chances needed to score in today’s game.

    2. They’re just old and slow! Lets face it this team’s offense used to be built around speed and now we get circles skated around us. It shows most in the transition game where the team isn’t able to get up the ice and push back the opposing D, making zone entry very difficult. This is why we’ve switched to a carry-in style which creates so many high turnovers (which by the way we can’t get back on because we’re slow).

    3. Other.

    • James says:

      D. All of the above.

      • Patrick says:

        I basically agree, the one caveat being that I think there’s a difference between being too old and slow and PLAYING too old and slow. There are fast guys on this team, but you so rarely seem them stretch the defense or attack the net. The Joe Thornton “gain the blue line, pull up, look… look… look… OK dump it into the corner” seems to have become everyone’s preferred method of attack.

        I would love to see them cut back to the middle and have somebody else cross behind them. Put some pressure on the defense to make a decision! Their attack is so predictable that you basically have to execute it flawlessly to have any success. When execution falls off (a la this season), you’re stewed.

        I guess maybe that means I lean more toward 1., in that perhaps this is a byproduct of the T-Mac puck control system.

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