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post DOH 233 – Canucks In the First Round

April 29th, 2013, 9:01 pm

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The Sharks (cunningly) lose their last two games and draw the Vancouver Canucks in the first round.  The Dudes give their first round playoff predictions, and talk about other NHL moves that have already happened, since some teams are in the offseason already.

You can make your predictions here: .  Find the “DOH” league and use the password ‘burns’.


12 Comments to “DOH 233 – Canucks In the First Round”

  1. Slappy_SEZ says:

    A person’s sexual-orientation is such a NON-issue.

    An MLB player took a 3-game SUSPENSION for calling another player (presumably) a ‘faggot’ . . . ?!

    What message does THAT send . . . ?

    Every now an’ then an NBA player will say FUCK or SHIT during a game . . . and it get’s broadcast. Are THOSE players to be penalized?

    This Thought-Police . . . Politically Correct nonsens . . . is such a waste of time.

    P.S. LEAFS defeat BEANTOWN

    • Mike says:

      The message is that denigrating slurs won’t be tolerated in public. It’s no different from the n-word or other racial remarks, which wouldn’t and shouldn’t be tolerated.

      The difference between those remarks and more garden variety curse words are fairly obvious. The former denigrate an entire class of people, the latter are coarse language.

      The players, like it or not, are on a public stage, where what they say and do will be publicized, paid attention to, remarked upon, and in some cases, imitated. Maybe it shouldn’t be that way, but it is that way.

  2. Slappy_SEZ says:

    P.S. CAPS over NYR & . . . ‘Now’ is probably as good as time as any — to admit how horribly WRONG y’all were about UBER-WINGER, Brent Burns.


  3. Cyoor says:

    Since this has nothing to do with hockey, I will make a separate post about it and not mix it with anything I write about hockey.

    I think its to much talk about gay people.. This is sports and sex should not be anything that needs to be discussed.
    I don’t see the reason why a sports player that is gay should come out in public, just as little as I see the reason that the sexlife of Patrick Kane should be shared with the public.
    Also, why would someone coming out be praised and Patrick Kane getting mocked for basically the same thing, just with the opposite sex?

    Please leave things like this outside of hockey, since it has nothing to do with the sport.

    • Mike says:

      With the political controversy in the US regarding gay rights and gay marriage, it’s the civil rights issue of this time. Couple that with the celebrity-driven culture here, it’s just not going to be left alone. My hope is that the fact that there are gay players becomes so pedestrian that it will no longer be noteworthy.

      • evilducks says:

        It’s only notable because people were afraid to bring it up before. Fear that it would end their careers or have them ostracized from the locker room. The goal is that it doesn’t matter and wont be mentioned in the future. We’re not there yet and it’s good that they stand up now and start blazing that trail.

        Kind of like Jackie Robinson did for blacks, now we don’t care what race you are in baseball, as long as you’re Cuban and can throw a 90 mph slider… wait, where was I going with that?

  4. Cyoor says:

    Since you guys didn’t seem to do that I took the liberty to create a Playoff Challenge league.

    The name of the league is: DOH
    The password for the league is: burns

    To join, just press create/join league up right and put “DOH” into the search field on this page:

  5. Cyoor says:

    Hmm How did Coture only get E (0) in his +/- stat in the first game against Vancouver?
    I clearly saw him on the ice on 2 of the goals. One he scored himself, and one he made a nice assist.
    Vancouver only scored one goal and he was there trying to be a goalie, but torres mannaged was to good for logan. So he should have +1, right?

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