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post DOH 236 – We Believe It

May 22nd, 2013, 9:21 pm

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

The Sharks have fought back from 0-2 to tie the series at home, with an overtime win and a close 2-1 win in game 4, all without Martin Havlat, Raffi Torres, and Adam Burish.  With the top Sharks playing the way they are, they look as good as anybody in the NHL playoffs right now.


4 Comments to “DOH 236 – We Believe It”

  1. Monica says:


    WCF = A podcast per week.

    Oh, be still my heart …way to raise the bar, dudes ; )

  2. Andy C says:

    Hey Doug… I’ll have some of what you were smoking this week… had me laughing throughout though!

    If I’m not misremembering, I’m pretty sure you said that Torres was going to be suspended “for the rest of the series”. Given there was only about 1 suspension previously linked to a series, your’re forecasting is on fire, so I’m putting my mortgage on the Sharks winning the next 2 & then going all the way!

    I BELIEVE!!!

  3. MJ says:

    “Demers was the best player on the ice last night” – Stevie Wonder

  4. hateseed says:

    “Nathan Couture of the Vancouver Sharks is an outstanding young rookie”

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