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post DOH 240 – Couture Re-upped, and G Review

June 18th, 2013, 10:04 pm

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Logan Couture has been extended by the Sharks, which is great news, along with Todd McLellan. Mike and Doug also pick some free agents that might be on the Sharks’ radar.


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  1. Ruben says:

    It won’t happen, but I think a Wellwood-Pavelski-Torres 3rd line would be awesome. Unfortunately, I think it is too easy to put shifty, non-hitting forwards into a doghouse despite driving play the right way most of the time. Whether it is a high end player like Havlat, a mid level player like Wellwood, or a 4th liner like Gomez, both fans and coaches find it easy to dump on players like that.

    On a related note, the Sharks really screwed the pooch with Havlat. All because, what, he prevented the Sharks from playing Tim Kennedy 7 minutes because he did what every player would do and try to get into a playoff game?

    If Hannan is willing to come back at the minimum and play the Mike Moore role, great. If not, I don’t think I’d want to see what another year of decreased skills does to him.

    Good call on Ian White, that would be nice. Especially if DW can turn Demers into something nice (or just something).

  2. Andy C says:

    I think all this talk of an op for Havlat is irrelevant – the way the sharks are run financially, and the way DW is so careful with his contracts, I just can’t see the organisation paying up for a buyout. It just doesn’t sit with their MO.

    • GermanShark says:

      I think Hasso is more than willing to open his pocket for a buyout. This guy is a competitor. I now him so he was the owner and the CEO of my company. He will go to the limits IMO this is a no brainer. If he can technically be bought out, Hasso will not veto because of 8 Million bugs. You will see.

      • Andy C says:

        Point taken – the Sharks with Hasso as majority may be a completely different animal to the one of the last few years. The new name for the Shark Tank (to Hasso’s company) & the shake-up in executives are maybe the first signs that the days of the Sharks being run by a conservative ownership group are giving way to a one-man “do what I like becasue I can” show.

  3. Jason says:

    3 years for Torres is a year too long. Would be interested to learn the details. ie How much is guaranteed, is there a no-trade, etc. DW could potentially trade Torres at the end of a season if he doesn’t play well, or receives a lengthy suspension.

  4. Tom says:

    Not sure if contract is too long on Torres – but I don’t care. We need him on this team. Enough said.

    Ideas for free agents: Matt Cooke anyone? He’s in the mold of Torres and pitches in with scoring too. Imagine a Torres – Pavelski – Cooke line…

    Also, I think you dudes are way off on Nathan Horton. He’s a prime playoff performer. The only down side would be he’s not that fast. But, I think it isn’t gonna happen cause Boston would be dumb to let him go. He’s gonna get big money.

    I realize its easy to cherry pick what you guys say – not trying to be overly critical, but Horton would get David Clarkson type attention if he’s available.

    And I do like the idea of Ian White back too.

    Really enjoying the long podcasts!

    • evilducks says:

      Well, the other downside to Horton is that he gets hurt more than Havlat… Not sure I want two of those contracts.

      • Tom says:

        Well, I thought it was a mute point cause Boston wasnt gonna let him go.. but Apparently according to Puck Daddy, he’s gonna hit free agency.

        I’ll just say this – I may be misreading you but comparing Havlat and Horton is a little strange.

        Horton gets injured BECUASE of his hard nosed play. Havlat gets injured sneezing too hard. I don’t think it’s hard to guess which player would get attention by most NHL teams if available.

        However, I do get your point about having 2 often injured players on the roster… All things considered I’d still like a guy like that on our team. And Havlat isn’t gonna be around longer than he has to. Horton could be had for several years.

        • evilducks says:

          I think there are better options available than another injury case. Not that we have the cap space to sign anybody without moving a major piece.

          I don’t think Horton gets injured because he plays hard, he’s got a bum shoulder that is easily re-injured. It helps that it’s a shoulder and something that you’re more likely to play through while hurt in the playoffs, because you’re legs still work well enough to skate. Havlat on the other hand has a weak groin, which you can’t skate on while it’s wrecked, so we demonize him a bit more.

          Havlat’s injury has seriously fucked us this offseason, I have no idea what Wilson is going to do, but I’m almost sure I probably am going to be upset about part of it.

      • Jason says:

        Is it just me, or does this sound like DW is planning to ship Havlat out of town. From the Merc:

        “The Sharks … might put Marty Havlat on long-term injured reserve to provide a small measure of cap relief.

        ‘That will play itself out,’ Wilson said.”

        • evilducks says:

          I think it’s clear they want to get rid of Havlat, I just don’t know what the Sharks can do about it.

          Meanwhile they’re shipping players away that we can actually use for 4th round picks.

          I really hate Havlat at this point.

  5. Tom says:

    So Frattin, Scrivins and a 2nd to LA for Bernier.

    That’s a lot pieces back, but not much to fear. From a Sharks perspective that’s not that bad. It doesn’t really make LA immediately better. Unless they hit a HR with that 2nd, which isn’t likely, they added a 4th line guy and took a lesser backup. Not bad.

    • Patrick says:

      Agreed. I like that much better than the Matt Read rumor. Although I read that Toronto was retaining some of the salary for Frattin/Scrivens, which might allow LA to keep Scuderi.

  6. Tom says:

    That better be a sign and trade

  7. Tom says:

    Pierre LeBrun just tweeted Horton is visiting with a non-traditional team/city today. Says Horton wants a “quieter life”.

    Now I realize that doesn’t mean it’s SJ – there are other teams that could be. But it’s LeBrun and he seems to have some level of inside info on the Sharks. If I remember he called the Galliardi trade well before.

    I was just thinking how we’re gonna have to pick up another top six guy somehow if Havlat is out unless we want to play wingles again. I don’t. I have to believe DW has a better plan.

    Could this be the year we finally get a big fish in the free agent market?

    • evilducks says:

      According to reports, Horton needs surgery and won’t sign until after the procedure. Also, he won’t be ready for camp.

      Haaaavlat mk. 2.

    • Jason says:

      I think LeBrun was referring to Columbus.

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