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post DOH 248 – Hertl is Good

October 9th, 2013, 9:49 pm

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The first week of the 2013-14 season has marked the breakout of Tomas Hertl, who has scored six goals in the first three games, including a epic 4-goal perfomance against the Rangers. ¬†Again, the Sharks have started the season on fire, and the Dudes try to break down how this seasons hot start differs or not from last season’s.


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  1. Ruben says:

    Fun podcast dudes. Gotta agree with Doug, 5v5 play is the biggest difference from last year.

    You know what also is interesting to me? The Sharks seem to be playing a style similar to TMac’s first year when he had the Dmen to pull off a quick transition, aggressive pinching, high shot volume attack. Demers on the 3rd pair allows for constant aggressive play from the Dman on all pairs, something the Sharks have not been able to say since TMac’s first year (other than short bursts when Braun-Demers made up the 3rd pair, also coinciding with a time the Sharks looked very good). MIke’s comment about Scott Hannan is spot on, everybody is getting in on the play on offense including the stay at home guys.

  2. Tom says:

    So many story-lines so far this year, but I’m a little surprised you guys haven’t talked about the Sharks SH’ed… They look phenomenal SH’ed.

    I remember a discussion on the blog a few years ago about keeping the stars, specifically Pavs and Marleau on the PK. I seem to remember liking the idea bc I thought it kept Marleau more engaged… I was in the minority there. Well, Tmac seemed to agree in the last few years with everyone else bc they had not spent as much time on the PK. Marleau and Pavs together on the PK are a scoring threat once again and I for one think it helps Marleau overall. They have had a legitimate SH’ed scoring chance at least every game so far in this young season. Perhaps we will get back to having that an anther weapon in the arsenal.

  3. Kent Bunn says:

    So you talked about 2 related things, at different times in the podcast.

    Early in the ‘cast you talked about how after TH scored his 4th goal, you were happy to see that he wasn’t on the ice for the rest of the game, to keep NYR from taking runs at him, etc.

    Late in the ‘cast you were talking about fighting, and among other things said that StevieY, and WayneG would have been the same players w/o McSorley, Grimson, etc.

    But would they? Without McSorley on the ice as an intimidation factor, would Wayne have been subject to more injuries, hits, etc. Don’t discount the fact that players had to keep in mind that if they did things to 99, they had to answer for it. When you take fighting out of the game, that factor is gone, and you don’t have Scott trying to goad Logan into a fight (to continue your example) you’ve got Scott or someone similar steamrollering them over and over.

    • Cyoor says:

      I remember when I was like 15 or so (Back in 1995) when I was reading a swedish hockey magazine that had a special on the “fighters” in the NHL. They called it “The police force”. I think that that was a good description.

      Lets take some examples:

      Player x in NYR sees gets angry because they are losing 53 – 2 and some new kid in SJ are doing a move humiliating them.
      He goes and try to hurt this kid by running him over in an ugly way.

      Tie Domi (who the sharks aquired right before the game) sees this and goes out to protect the new guy by beating the crap out of this player x.
      Do you think that player x will think twice before doing a stupid move like that again?

      Lets say that the rule would change to “Game Misconduct / Match penalty” for whoever started a fight, what would happen.

      Either the fight would happen anyway (and that would mean that the rulechange would have been useless anyway, since it didnt prevent the fight) or Tie Domi wouldnt have gone in to the fight and player x would have gotten away with his hit.

      In that case, would player x do this again the next time or not?

      Another example:

      Player y is a bad player and logan coture is playing like a God. Player y gets tired of it, and decides to call logan cotures mom a lot of stupid stuff while he crosschecks him, slashes him and so on. (Small things to not draw attention by the referees, but big enough to draw attention from logan coture) After a while Logan (who loves his mom) cant take it anymore and decides to throw a punch at this guy. At once the bad guy is in on it and a fight starts.. This bad guy however tecnically didnt start the fight, since Logan threw the first punch, so logan gets a game misconduct and is out for the rest of the game.

      Would that be a good outcome?

  4. ronniewhatyouthinkaboutthat says:

    , f, fffff

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