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post Don’t Mess With Success

October 30th, 2013, 9:22 am

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Sharks have six points in four games on the road trip, beating two very good teams in Montreal and Ottawa, and only losing the Boston in the heartbreaker.  Unfortunately we won’t be able to record until the weekend at earliest, but I have some questions and comments in easy-to-read bullet form.

  • Does anyone still think Burns has a tooth issue?  I’m surprised the ‘c’ word hasn’t been thrown about more.  He does have a concussion history, so this holdout does worry me.
  • Nothing like necessity to cure bad feelings.  With Burns, Boyle, Nieto, Torres, and Burish out, I think we could see Havlat tonight.
  • Mostly because Mike Brown is about exactly what I thought.  That mustache is sweet though.
  • I’m clearly getting overconfident, as I look at the next ten game stretch (LAK, PHO, BUF, VAN, WIN, CGY, VAN, EDM, CHI, TBY) and think the Sharks should win nine of them.  OK eight.
  • Stalock, while fun to watch, looks shakier than Niemi.  He needs to play more.  I would love to see him in three or four of the next ten.  What’s the harm in playing him against the Sabres, Jets, and Oilers?
  • I would pay big money to hear the voice mail Lapierre left for Boyle.  All I can hear is Doug’s psuedo-French accent in my head.

Go Sharks.

5 Comments to “Don’t Mess With Success”

  1. Neil says:

    It would certainly seem that Burnzie has a concussion, and yes, it is weird that no-one is reporting on it… Only other thing could be his jaw or orbital bone, but wouldn’t they just put on a full face shield for that? Guy was missing most of his teeth already, so how could it be dental or face? Further, if he had needed stitches, he could still play. The oddness surrounding the issue points to concussion, especially since he hasn’t been skating since the, what is it now, the 18th? That’s almost two weeks!

  2. Erik Landi says:

    1st off I see two possibilities on the Burns front, either he has a concussion or he had massive dental surgery (i.e. Gum and teeth reconstruction). I hope we see him soon because the Jumbo Burns pairing was deadly.

    2nd I would love to see Havlat take this opportunity and prove everyone wrong that he is a soft player unwilling to play the Sharks new brand of hockey. However he proves time and tie again that he is a man of glass so I can understand the coaching staff’s unwillingness to play him.

    3rd If this Shark’s team is as good as we think they are 8-9 games out of ten seems to be about what i would expect too. However I’m still concerned about the health of Burns, Boyle, and Nieto; if we get those guys back I could see us doing some damage in this next chunk of the season.

    4th Stalock looked a little shaky but I got into a nice rhythm during the game, I’m liking his ability and think he’s got some good potential. His puck moving skills are just great though, he made some nice up/breakout passes that looked like Mike Smith! I love Nemo but it was nice to see some good puck movement from Stalock.

    • Erik Landi says:

      * time and time again
      ** but got into a nice rhythm

      Sorry not my best typing today

    • hateseed says:

      Yeah, I was struck after watching Mike Smith and another goalie now I can’t recall in the last week and the number of up passes and random stick-handles that happened. I’m actually someone who doesn’t put as much stock in those types of things as some… but MAN, Niemi really has trouble even corralling the puck and pushing it up the boards to a team mate. Whenever he leaves the net for any reason my friend and I immediately are screaming to just let the D handle it…

      I don’t think the goalie passing to the opposing team’s blue line really does a lot to be frank, but general stick ability is definitively Niemi’s biggest weakness.

  3. Erik Landi says:

    Did you guys check out the Buzz Cut Burnsie got, if you pay close attention you can see he has all of his teeth!!!!!! So I’m guessing massive dental surgery, now he still may have a concussion, sharks of course not very forthcoming on injuries.

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