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post Video is Up for DOH 258

January 14th, 2014, 8:32 am

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10 Comments to “Video is Up for DOH 258”

  1. Tom says:


    That’s my favorite Sharks shirt right there!

  2. James says:


  3. Matt says:

    personally, i loved the video.

    also, as if to prove Doug’s points he was making, i found this today:

  4. hal says:

    dude…. TRIPOD!!!

    Looks great anyway, but dudes don’t look good with shaky-cam…

  5. Tom says:

    Hey dudes I liked the crazy trade names thrown out there. David Pagnotta just tweeted SJ was one of manys club’s scouts at the BUF/TOR game. I still think OTT is a great deadline target.

    I’m gonna throw out another name. One that I wouldn’t think DW would get involved with if at all until the offseason. Matt Moulson.

    He’s set to be a FA and the price would be steep – more so if he signed elsewhere in the offseason. But I just keep thinking of him playing with Couture.

    I listened to an interview with Katy Strange and she thought he really like playing with Tavares. I wonder if Logan could be a selling point with Moulson.

    Rumor is he’s looking for 5-5.5 per. In the offseason well definitely have that with a Havlat buyout.

    Normally I wouldn’t think DW would get involved with him at the deadline bc of a potential buffing war and other unknowns. But maybe all these injuries advances that? I dunno. My gut and my head says IF DW were to be interested in him it’d be an offseason thing.

  6. Ruben says:

    Nice touch with the video dudes, the easy banter is palpable on audio but really shines on video.

    FYI looks like Sheppard hasn’t been in the doghouse, rather was out for personal issues

    Sheppard has been the only one out of the “4th liners” (aka Desi, McCarthy, Brown, Kearns, Hayes, Hamilton) to be a positive possession-wise despite all of them being similarly sheltered . If the Sharks are fortunate to have everyone healthy (including Hertl) they only have to carry 2 of the above. Sheppard should probably be one of those barring a trade.

  7. Ian says:

    I really dug the video, although I usually listen on my phone I think the video is a great option.

  8. WingsFanInSharkLand says:

    The Dave Bolland bit was one of my favorites in a long time and was even better when I went back and watched it on video. Well done, dudes.

    I like the video. Not sure I’d watch every week if you went that route (I prefer listening in the car), but I’m sure I would view them from time to time. Agreed about the tripod.

  9. Chris says:

    I don’t really have a preference on video or not but if you do another one we want to see the Vegas Cup along with the framed portrait of the photo you guys have with DB22

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