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post DOH 276 – Scott. John Scott.

July 2nd, 2014, 10:30 pm

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In a move that no one can explain (or justify), the Sharks sign pugilist John Scott.  The Dudes talk about that an all the activity during the draft and UFA day.  P.S.  Listen to the end.


7 Comments to “DOH 276 – Scott. John Scott.”

  1. Kent Bunn says:

    You want my (hopefully) paranoid worry about the ice girls?

    What if the expectation is, that the on-ice product is gonna blow chunks in the coming season, so they are doing something to give attendees something to watch on the ice that appeals to some element at least. What if they are just embracing “we’re gonna suck, but here’s some boobies in the meantime”?

  2. Matt says:

    one thing about the cheerleaders. to be fair, this isnt an isolated movement. its happening all across the NHL/KHL/sweedish elite. not that i condone it, but it is becoming a ‘thing’. i was hoping that we had passed the ‘wave’ but sadly, we have not. its just tacky.

  3. Tom says:

    Something you guys forgot to talk about, not like there wasn’t too much already – Sharks walked away from several RFAs including former 1st rounder Nick Petrecki. Talk about falling from grace, wow. I think it was expected at this point but given how highly rated this guy was it’s pretty crappy to see him officially bust.

    Also John McCarthy and Matt Pelech. Two guys who spent a little time up with the big club. I never understood the fascination with McCarthy to be honest.

    • evilducks says:

      As much as I don’t care about walking away from McCarthy, I would rather have him on the ice than Brown and Scott any day of the week.

      • Tom says:

        I think my point with McCarthy is the Sharks seemed to hope against hope that he’d somehow magically end up a 30 goal scorer of they just gave him more minutes. Which they did. Repeatedly. All he ever did was just skate up and down the ice he doesn’t score, doesn’t hit, doesn’t play any D. And was a -24 in his NHL career, over 87 games, with a team that had one of the highest team goal differentials in the league. Pretty hard to be a -24 over 87 games and only score a total of 6 nhl PTS. That’s about as useless as you can get in the NHL.

        With Brown and Scott, while not really any better, at least you know what you’re getting. And I seriously doubt either player is getting the ice time McCarthy got.

        Scott usually finished an 0 or -1 most years in +\-. Last year was awful at -12. But considering he was with Buffalo too.

        I don’t think any of those players will have their coaches calm and confident when they’re on the ice. But at least with Brown and Scott you know there’s a physical element you’re gonna get.

        Plus if John Scott kicks the ever-loving-shit out of Dustin Brown or Jared Stoll I’ll love him forever. And I’d bet DW signed him to dress every night against against LA.

        • Ian says:

          I was upset that they walked away from Acolatse more than the rest of them.

        • evilducks says:

          Why would Stoll or Brown ever drop the gloves against Scott?

          Scott had 6 fighting majors last year, against:
          Adam McQuad
          Douglas Murray
          Derek Engelland
          Matt Carkner
          Justin Johnson
          David Clarkson

          None of those are useful players. People maybe thought Clarkson was going to be, but all very much agreed he was a complete idiot for fighting him and got suspended 10 games for the pure stupidity.

          I think every player on the Kings would personally shake Doug Wilson’s hand if they got to skate against John Scott every game against the Sharks.

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