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post DOH 277 – Bewilderment

July 13th, 2014, 4:22 pm

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The Dudes went to the prospects game, but with a “team for tomorrow”, the Sharks signed Scott Hannan, and now say they need to make the playoffs. Whaaa?


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  1. Havoc says:


    “I was sitting in my backyard not freeing up roster spots for prospects, and suddenly, there it was,” Sharks General Manager Doug Wilson told this reporter today. “A big hole. I guess I’d been digging a little here and there over the years, and suddenly, it became a hole.”

    Wilson said the issue now is not filling in the hole in, but rather, digging even deeper.

    As he dug, Wilson further clarified his recent remarks clarifying earlier comments he now calls, “clearly a little unclear.”

    “We will continue to move towards a harder, younger, more aggressive team,” he told Puck Daddy in May. Between shovels, he now says, “By which I really meant, we’re not resigning Dan Boyle. 38 is old. Hannan is 35. See? Younger. Hey, have you heard about our Ice Chicks?”

    Wilson went on to address a previous declaration to reshape the roster. In June, he told Kevin Kurz, “The rebuild is committed to.” Now, he philosophically points out, “You can take apart a bookshelf and put it back together using exactly the same pieces. Technically, that’s a rebuild. On a completely unrelated topic, season tickets are now on sale.”

    All of this seems to go against Wilson’s assertion to Yahoo sports that, “When you enter this phase, all options are on the table.” “That’s exactly right,” he calls out from beneath the ground. “All options are on the table. Including not changing anything at all.”

  2. Ruben says:

    I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t hate the Hannan signing and things it actually fits with the “rebuild” plan.

    I don’t want Mueller, Irwin, Abelthauser, and Doherty fighting for the 7th Dman spot. I want them in the lineup in San Jose or Worchester. I would actually be kind of upset of the Shark rotated between Irwin, Mueller, and Doherty for half the season with one of them constantly in the press box. But, if Hanna plays more than 15 games next season, then this was all garbage.

    • Tom says:

      I don’t think it’s a good signing but I don’t think it’s garbage either. For me it’s on par with Mike Brown.

      They’re both an overpayment IMO but in the basket of things to get irritated about it’s pretty much at the bottom.

      The one thing I’m still dumbfounded about is why we haven’t improved in net. I’m sorry but I think Neemo sucks and while I think Stalock can eventually start, I’d rather have him as a 1B to a 1A in a tandem. For me right now this is the most glaring weakness on this team.

    • Havoc says:

      Love Havoc’s piece.

      I think Hannan a garbage signing in the context of a stated rebuild.

      I am surprised Niemi is still on the team too, but at $3.8 mil maybe there were no takers. Funny how DW said high-priced goalies were a waste of money, yet the the all goalies in the conference finals were in the top 8 in salaries, and the the cup finals goalies were #1 and #4 in salaries. It does pay to have a world class goalie.

  3. James says:

    Nice podcast dudes. I don’t understand what’s going on either. When the season starts, will anyone want to see the same coach and essentially the same roster on the ice?

  4. Docwakka says:

    I wouldn’t hate on the Hannan signing. Look at capgeek, look at the prospects game. The Sharks have no defensemen and no prospects at the moment that are spectacular like Carle, Vlasic were when they broke in. Hannan is a stop-gap, but he’s hell of a lot better than Brad Stuart for $3.6 million. Irwin is the second best LD on the Sharks. That’s pitiful. Hannan at least can play the third line effectively.

  5. Patrick says:

    Dudes – you keep harping on the salary for some of these contracts. Who cares? Whether they pay Hannan and Brown $1M and $1.2M, respectively, or $700K each they’re still way below the cap. Those contracts don’t constrain them from anything they want to do with the roster.

    Don’t get me wrong, Brown is still a ridiculous signing. But enough about the cap hit. It’s meaningless.

    • Hateseed says:

      You’re technically correct (the best kind of correct), but they are upset because it constrains potential future moves. While its true that if were below the floor who cares, if we did try to trade two players and a pick for a superstar and a prospect at the deadline, but didn’t have enough space to accommodate, we’d be pissed. What if the only reason we couldn’t make the “ideal” trade happen was because some enforcer (pick one!) was being paid 500k too much?

      One bad contract is generally irrelevant, but they add up and aren’t meaningless. That said, being without the yoke of Havlat’s contract this year means DW felt fancy free and giving away 100k extras here or there means nothing. It ain’t in million increments at least…

    • Mike says:

      It’s not the cap hit that bothers me per se, it’s the willingness to overpay. From where I’m sitting, it seems DW is vastly overestimating the worth of these players. That doesn’t make me feel secure for this rebuild.

      At least they didn’t sign Ribiero, which is what Doug said they’d do. Although for $1M, I would have had grudging respect for the value.

      What Hateseed said too.

      • evilducks says:

        I mostly hate the Brown deal for a few reasons.

        A. He’s one of the worst hockey players in the league as far as possession numbers are concerned (possibly the worst, depending on rookies), even worse than Scott somehow.

        B. 2 year deals for those players are dumber than dumb

        C. The cap hit is to high to hide in the minors if by some miracle McLellan comes to his sense and wants him off his team and Wilson waives him.

  6. Cyoor says:

    An intresting article:

    “The Bizarro-meter has spoken: The Sharks are the offseason’s strangest team.”

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