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post DOH 278 – July

July 23rd, 2014, 1:57 pm

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It’s the middle of July, with very little Sharks news. ┬áThe Dudes abide.


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  1. Sharks Fan says:

    Big fan of Dudes on hockey ! Im a long time fan back from the cowpalace days. Im born and raised in the bay area, but live in Sweden, So Dudes on hockey is my only way to get my sharks gossip fix from abroad.

    My Question or comment is as follows.

    Im am just as dissapointed with the sharks season as anyone. That game 7 killed me. ( games start at 2am in sweden so to get up for a loss like that hurts =). I agree the Sharks lack heart when needed most sometimes. im not blinded by the fact that im devoted sharks fan. however we can take this on the positive side. The San Jose sharks were one game away from sweeping the stanley cup champions….. sweeping them. The san Jose sharks on Paper are one of if not have been the best team for the past 5 years. Doesnt some of this blame fall on the coach. (I dont hate our coach ither but its his job to get the best out of the team…. and realisticly he has had a cup team his whole time here.
    Next… Whats with all This get rid of Thornton and Marleau Crap. Yes these are aging players that have already seen there prime, and quiet possibly are not the leaders on our club. Saything that they each score 100 points a year. who are we going to get to fill 200 points during the season? There both not payed vey much for how good they are, and have always worked to keep they team competitive and not ask for crazy sums of money. If you see what the some of the other players are starting to make on the sharks Patty and jumbo are a steal. Un less you get 3 #1 draft picks or 2 players that are just as good or better trading them now would be dumb? so why is everyone crying about this? because they dont proform in the playoffs? This is where the coach needs to do his job
    I agree keep working with the young kids… and moving forward take Patty and Jumbo abnd put them on line 2. give the C to Pavs or somone who is deserving of the captin spot. “have the team vote”
    Keep those 2 guys no one will find anyone bettr for there cost…. but the coach needs to step up an light a fire up there asses. The team needs a leader…… Thats can lead by example ands hold people responsible for there play.
    I see the teams main weakness as defence. Besides Pickes we have only complimentry defensemen. Burns is more of a foward playing defence. we could use on more good young defencemen that can shut down offences. You saw how when vlassic went down are team struggled.

    to sum this up … the entire team needs to step up. including the coaches. and yes we should be giving the young guys more responsiblity to move towards youth and the future. but everyone is calling for this big change and everything needs to go. Sometimes you need to be smart. use what you have and change over time. The sharks lack something… yes but do you really want to go back to the old days where yes we got more out of the jeff odgers and jaime bakers and all the over acheving ….. par players. and you need those type of character players dont get me wrong…. but the sharks are much better to watch and a much better team then the trap defence playing sharks of the past….. yes they have over acheived and this team has under acheived…. COACH!!!!!!!!

    • Ian says:

      I sometimes complain about staying up until 10:30 pm to watch the start of a game but then I read stuff like this from you or Cyoor and I feel like such a d!ck.

    • James says:

      I’m confused by this post. The first debate after the Sharks lost a series after being up 3-0 was, should and would TMac be fired. The press said yes. The dudes said yes. So a lot of people agreed with you (including me). But he wasn’t. DW said, Tnac is our coach. So that debate is over. No use writing about it. It’s not gonna happen.

  2. jbardet says:

    haha, what the HELL was that podcast!?

    so if we’re talking about other sports, what about Golf? Think Tigahh will make the Ryder Cup team? How well does he have to play for Tommy Wingatson to pick him? Is Hertl the next Jordan Spieth or is Jordan Spieth the next Hertl?

  3. Tim says:

    My theory about this summer is, DW made so many bad moves, and said so many dumb things, he just decided to disappear altogether for a while. While that may be a good strategy for a politician seeking to up approval ratings, it’s not a good move for a GM whose team needs an overhaul.

  4. Sharks Fan says:

    Thats just it …. the team doesnt need an overhaul… it needs a coaching stratigy and and a key player and to move towards youth… but everyteam does that…. thats not a overhaul. a overhaul is our team sucks.. lets get ride if everyone. there is no one better to get…(within reason) look at patrik kanes numbers… he makes coin…. patrik marleu crushes him numbers wise.

    the issue is not the talent….. its what expected of each player. everyone needs to do there job. If you are the captil be ready to sacrific and lead by example. Let players know when they need to step up and help out. The sharks lack gritt and will…….. thats up to the coached and captin… tweek some small aspects of the team…. not get ride of your best players. and hold the players responisble for there role.

  5. Andy C says:

    Interesting theory, but Spurs are not the EPL equivalent of the Sharks: Spurs are an arrogant team who think that they should be challenging for the top 4 by right because they won the FA Cup a few times & as a result gett through managers and players because they are not challenging for the title. Harry Redknapp was the only one to make them competitive but was discarded far too quickly after a poor 2nd half of 1 season without a proper plan in place. The Sharks are still one of the new boys in the NHL playing with a chip on their shoulder & fighting the East Coast Bias & struggling to attract big name free agents, but quietly doing things the right way & sticking with GMs/Managers & since following them closely since 2007, I’ve been impressed with the classy way a lot of their business is done.
    Unfortunately, I fear this is changing & it looks like the root cause is the change of ownership. I think DW was held in such high regard by the previous owners, he could do what he wanted & worked well from a position of power. However, I think Hasso Plattner has put a lot of pressure on him & he hasn’t responded well & the backtracking has been a direct result of this. My bet is that as part of the end of season meeting, DW assured Plattner that he would be able to move Marleau/Thornton & so could let Boyle go & would do the rebuild. When they dug their heels in, Plattner was not impressed & said that if they stayed he would expect the Sharks to make the Playoffs. Suddenly going from rebuild to fighting to be competitive, DW under pressure went down the Scott/Hannan signings. It is disappointing to watch the Sharks going down the short term decision & making the same mistakes that Spurs make, so maybe you are right after all & they are on theri way to becoming the equivalent of Spurs!

  6. Sharks Fan says:

    I dissagree on on paper the sharks are well balaced (weakness maybe on defence). just some mental tweeking needs to be done.

    look at the kings…. there not a threat on paper. but there coach doesnt tolorate not preforming to your ability. if the sharks do that. they will be fine. keep trying to get some picks along the way and move toward youth but dont make the crazy dramatic change.

  7. Ted says:

    I wonder if the outdoor game had any influence on Thorton and Marleau still being on the Sharks roster. If you were DW, would you want a rebuilding team, that’s probably not even a playoff team, potentially whooped by the Stanley Cup champs on national TV.

    • Ian says:

      I think the only reason they are still on the team is they refused to leave. I don’t think the outdoor game was ever in question based on what roster the Sharks might have the only reason it took so long to announce was because they didn’t have the venue decided. Nashville and Dallas are both rumored to have inquired about Thornton, Dallas before they made the Spezza trade.

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