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post DOH 279 – Outdoor Game Is Coming

August 12th, 2014, 12:40 pm

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As rumored, the Sharks got an outdoor game in 2015, at the new Levi’s stadium. ┬áThe Dudes talk about that stadium experience, and whatever dregs the NHL is providing in the way of news.


5 Comments to “DOH 279 – Outdoor Game Is Coming”

  1. James says:

    Things are so bad in Sharks land, the Dudes have resorted to talking about the new Niners stadium, SJ public transit, and the English Premier League. I love the podcast and will keep listening as Mike and Doug’s insights are usually spot on and always delivered with a jovial good nature. But I wish the “salty” nature of the initial post-Kings series episodes had continued a bit longer. Meanwhile, Puck Daddy has posted a hilarious and honest article that nails the Sharks’ off-season:–redefines–rebuild-161700657.html

  2. Sharks Fan says:

    I still dont understand why again… everyone is bashing thornton and marleau. take them away.. and the team is nothing.
    unless you can replace them with the same caliber players, get like or 3 #1 draft picks for the future. ( both wont happen.’9 Be happy you have them instead of discussing how bad it is to have them…. ahhh .. i just dont get it.. enjoy the fact that some of the best players in the NHL play on your team.

    • Tom says:

      I don’t think “bashing” is an accurate representation of opinions shared here.

      Joe Thornton is my favorite hockey player – I still think it’s time for a change though.

      And you’re not wrong that the team would most certainly enter a time frame of not making the playoffs. But that’s what happens when you rebuild. However you and I both know we aren’t getting that type of return for either player.

      But I do think a 10-20 range 1st round pick AND a top shelf prospect (maybe more) is reasonable for either player at the deadline. That would seriously help this team when so are coming to the opinion our window to win is done.

      If they had won I’d be clanging the gong to keep them until they retire. But they didn’t win and given our prospect pool is weak at best, I think it’s the best move for this teams future.

      But understand it’s not because I think either player is garbage.

  3. Ian says:

    On the topic of Del Zotto, too me our blue line is the biggest concern I have going into next season with a fair bit of gambling already and I think adding another gamble in Del Zotto to that would have been one too many. Now Del Zotto might be awesome in Philly and if he is I’ll be the first to admit I’m wrong but I think DW probably played it right.

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