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post DOH 327 – Sharks Active At the Deadline

March 6th, 2016, 8:20 pm

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The Sharks added James Reimer and Roman Polak at the deadline, with Raffi Torres, Alex Stalock, and Ben Smith exiting stage left.  What does this mean for the Sharks now, and how did the other playoff teams do?


8 Comments to “DOH 327 – Sharks Active At the Deadline”

  1. Greg says:

    Sweet you guys aren’t dead.

  2. James says:

    Love the podcast as always. Wish there were more. Cracked up when Mike referred to the podcast “last week” when the last one was Feb 21.

    Have to disagree with Doug that the Central’s wild card will be a tougher opponent than the Kings. You do remember they’ve won 2 of the past 4 cups, right? And each time they’ve done it, they snuck in to the postseason with a low seed meaning and weren’t looking particularly dangerous in doing so.

    Burns looks so much stronger with his minutes reduced. The OT goal last night was a perfect example of how having him fresh late in a game pays dividends. His+/- is way up of late too.

    There’s no way the Sharks get out of the first round unless Marleau or Couture’s numbers go way up. In last 10 games, Marleau has only 3 points and Couture riding a 7-game goal drought.

    Looking ahead, I would be surprised if the Sharks get a pair of seconds for him in a trade because 1) He has an NTC, so Wilson is dealing from a position of weakness 2) His contract is crazy high for his current productivity or lack thereof and 3) The Sharks will not want to retain any salary.

  3. Rosevelt says:

    With recent losses to non-playoff teams the Devils, Canucks, Sabres, Avs and Canes, I don’t have a lot of confidence about the playoffs.

    • Sharksfan says:

      The Sharks play bad agains trap teams, Sabres, New jearsy etc. Teams on the lower end that need to play a tight D Game and not make any mistakes. Thie sharks used to play the trap style defence back when they did not have many skill players. Skill players somtimes find it frustrating to play against. Ask the detroit reg wings back in the day the sharks beat them.

      I think the sharks are doing fine. how good will they be? No one will know…. but i am happy. The sharks have picked up some free agent youngsters as well very under the rader.

      Dudes… you need to start posting more…… or more consistently.

  4. Ted says:

    On one hand I feel like a jerk criticizing the podcast because the Dudes do it ad free on their own dime which is very cool. On the other hand, we are in the 11th week of the year and have 5 podcasts. Seems to have affected the quality of the episodes. Fewer stats from Mike. Less discussion of news around the league. I mean, no mention of Wideman at all? Still the best Sharks podcast by a mile though.

    • James says:

      When I first saw the hit last month I thought he’d be suspended for the season. It was reported right away the ref was seriously hurt. 20 games was too little unless there is something we don’t know like Wideman was woozy from the hit. But now part 2 is reducing the suspension which is even more bizarre.

  5. Sharksfan says:

    Amen…. DUDES…. Get it together…. start podcasting…

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