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post DOH 341 – Post-Stanley Cup Hangover

June 16th, 2016, 8:19 pm

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

Although the hockey is over, and San Jose was not triumphant, the Dudes are thrilled the Sharks did so well.


4 Comments to “DOH 341 – Post-Stanley Cup Hangover”

  1. Kent Bunn says:


    Stop calling it the Finals. It’s just the Final!

    • BB says:

      So… Sharks won 2 of the Stanley Cup final?

      I would say that it depends on if you are talking about the series or the games.

      • Tom says:

        They won two “games” of the SC “FINAL”.

        Not 2 games of the SC FINALS.

        Yes it’s splitting hairs but it’s the official way the NHL says it.

  2. James says:

    Bewildered by the Boedker and Schlemko signings today.

    Boedker is a #8 overall pick who has made a name for himself as a draft bust with an NHL worst -33. All he has is speed and that he plays LW. His contract is literally twice as much and twice as long as Hertl’s, who’s better and more important to the team. Preds blog said it well: “Someone is going to overpay Mikkel Boedker, we sure don’t want it to be the Nashville Predators.”

    I haven’t seen much of Schelmko, but from his numbers, sure looks like we overpaid. Maybe 2 years $6 mil like Hertl since he’s a veteran and can skate. But 4 years $16 mil? L-O-L

    For $32 mil, I’d much rather have kept Reimer, Polak, and Spaling. Let’s hope there are not NTC’s on either of these player’s deals.

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