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post DOH 342 – Free Agent Day- Hello Boedker

July 1st, 2016, 3:59 pm

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The Sharks are again active on the first day of free agency, signing both Mikkel Boedker and David Schlemko to contracts.  The Dudes break it all down, including two huge NHL trades.


8 Comments to “DOH 342 – Free Agent Day- Hello Boedker”

  1. Havoc says:

    You guys made it through a whole free agency episode without ever once singing crazy trades. Yet there were many.

    Can’t compare Larsson to Braun. Way more potential upside to Larsson, who is 6 years younger than Braun. That said, still a terrible trade thought for the Oilers. How many times have we seen 1 good year turn into a crazy contract that never pans out. Hall, on the other hand, seems poised to score 30+. Could be the next Tyler Seguin trade. I bet the Oilers could have gotten a high draft pick thrown in, like a second, if they pressed. But it goes to show just how hard it was to get D at this free agency period.

    Mike used to be such a stats guy. Now he celebrates the Sharks adding a pair of players with a combined -55 even strength. I’m less excited than the Dudes. Glad we got speed and didn’t trade away any assets. I’m assuming neither has an NTC. So if these guys don’t pan out, they could be moved. An ok day for the Sharks, whch I’m fine with, considering how he only teams that really made out – Preds , Devils, Hawks, Lightning – swung deals that just weren’t there for the Sharks.

    • Tom says:

      -55 on the Coyotes and Devils… C’mon, you’re better than that. What a weak ass argument.

      • James says:

        Considering how PDB spoke of improving even-strength play this time last summer, I don’t think you can dismiss the +/- stats of both players so easily. I think DW’s clear plan is: speed + upgrade the 2nd line. I’m grateful DW clearly has a vision for this team right now. So while I’m not as excited about both signings as the Dudes, I think SJ has a better team now than last year, except for the notable loss of Reimer. I agree with the Dudes’ tweet that signing Spaling makes some sense, but the fact that DW hasn’t to me shows he fully expects Meier to make the team. One question I have is, who will take Spaling’s spot on the PK? Projected lines:

        Hertl Thornton Pavelski / Bedker Couture Donskoi / Neto Marleau Ward /
        Karlsson Tierney Wingels (healthy scratch: Sorensen)

        Vlasic Braun / Martin Burns / Schlemko Dillon (healthy scratch: DeMelo)

  2. Matty says:

    Schlemkko suddenly dropped off 2 years ago. I think he can regain his form and be a good player for us. His cap hit is so low that even if he struggles, he’s a possible trade chip.

    I like the Boedker pickup, as we don’t have enough true LW players. I’m very surprised Nieto hasn’t signed his offer yet. If he walks, the Boedker signing will be even more important. In a year, we’d have no Marleau or Nieto.

    • Matty says:

      Ah! Accidental post. To finish: Who is the backup goalie? Dell? Last year’s ECF seemed like the series of the backup. Rolling with Dell seems like a gamble considering his lack of experience.

  3. Cyoor says:

    Are you guys coming back?

    • qwertyqwerty says:

      Never. There is nothing to talk about until the season starts in about 80 plus days. Go home Cyoor.

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