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post DOH 349 – Home Record Still Perfect

October 30th, 2016, 9:30 pm

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The Sharks go 3-0 this week at home with satisfying wins against the Ducks, Blue Jackets, and Predators.  Can they keep it up, especially next Saturday against Pittsburgh?


3 Comments to “DOH 349 – Home Record Still Perfect”

  1. Tom says:


    So, if you haven’t got a billion emails by now, I’ll be the one to forward this to you dudes..

    Guys, it’s pretty simple for me. Brent Burns is the 2nd most important piece this team has ever had. Second only to Joe Thornton. Unless he wants some ridiculous amount like over 9m per, I’m gonna pretty much give him what he wants.

    Brent Burns provides a skill set that few NHL players in history can. Doug Wilson HAS to bring him back.

    • James says:

      First off, the Oilers? Ridiculous. Burns is a better player now than he was in TMac’s game. Plus, Burns clearly loves his teammates and the Bay Area. Edmonton ain’t SF Bay. Could he go somewhere else for big money and long-term? Yes. Absolutely. But I don’t see him trading PDB and the Bay Area for TMac and Edmonton.

      Secondly, I suspect the issues here is length of the deal. DW seems to max out around 4 years and we all know Burns will want 5+ years. Let’s hope they reach an agreement before the new year so this doesn’t become a distraction.

      The third aspect to this is the end of Marleau’s Sharks career. I wonder how Patty already knows he’s not getting resigned, or if the moment when Burns receives $8 mil / 5 years is the unofficial “Goodbye Marleau” sign on the wall.

      In other news, how about the Same Old Sharks showing up great against stiff competition and kind of laying an egg against one of the league’s worst teams in Phoenix.

  2. James says:

    you guys were on a roll, recording weekly. just getting back into the groove …

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